Saturday, November 20, 2010

'Tis the Season

I woke up to the sound of a shotgun going off this morning.  "Oh,"  I groaned, "Here we go again."  We will be living in a mini-war zone for the next ten days.  The Gun Deer Season is now officially open.

I have nothing against hunting, don't get me wrong.

What I am against is getting shot. 

The woods surrounding us are alive with hunters at times.  Hunters who are anxious to bag the big buck.

I am big, but I am not a buck and I'm not real partial to being bagged.

Sometimes, the amount of gunfire is amazing...they get a deer on the run and the bullets are ricocheting all over the place, it sounds like we are living in a first-person shooter video game.  It is time to break out my incredibly fashionable Blaze Orange Jacket again, which of course, affords me all sorts of protection from overzealous hunters who thought they saw something move in the shrubbery.  Is it bullet-proof?  Ah, no.... We probably should spend these ten days indoors, down in the basement, actually, just to avoid the possibility of being bagged.

But I can't stay in today.   I procrastinated again.   Here it is, November 20, and guess what?  I still have to finish planting my daffodil bulbs, wrap my apple trees with their seasonal rabbit-proof tree wrap and screen protectors and a bunch of other winter chores all while dodging bullets.  Never let it be said I don't lead an exciting life.

I have often scolded our sons about putting things off when they were in school,   "What do you mean you have a 200 page essay due by tomorrow morning?  And you need six dozen cookies, a pirate costume and a high relief topographical map complete with a reasonable facsimile of an erupting volcano by then, too??"

I would pull out my hair followed by all the stops.  And the sad part is, the project would get done.  Yes, I could get all of the above done in record time if I had to.  I'm wired like that...or is it weird like that?  Either way. 

So, where did our sons learn to procrastinate?  Hmmmmmmmmmmm.................I have absolutely NO idea.  It couldn't be from me and his father, now, could it?  Ok, all right, I'll come clean.  Both of us are notorious procrastinatoes-------oh, dear, I just glanced up and saw my spell checker dislikes the way I've spelled procrastinators.....and  I've just about wet my pants giggling and convinced my son and husband (who are sitting nearby) that  I am insane, by freaking out about the word procrastinatoes.  A simple little typo makes such a difference.  Sounds like a new vegetable, doesn't it?  Isn't there a TV show about a family called the 'Incredibles'?  Meet Carl & Karen here at Quarry Garden, Home of The Procrastinatoes, where we put everything off until the last minute, every day. 

And taking the word  in parts: 'pro' stands for something one is for...... so if I am for 'crastination' what exactly does that mean?  Wikipedia says pro means 'for' and crastination means 'tomorrow'.  Yup, sounds about right, I'll put that off for tomorrow.
 Hey, but it's not all my fault that I didn't get everything done yet........After Daylight Saving's Time ends, the days are so impossibly short.  By 5 PM we have total darkness.   Plus, the weather hasn't been all that great.  Oh, sure, the weather was fantastic a coupla weeks ago, I know, but then I had something else to do.  I think...

However, I shouldn't procrastinate on exercise: I  need to keep walking to maintain any semblance of weight maintenance, so I often take the dogs out for a walk after dark for safety reasons.  That's the worst part about the season change and deer hunting....for me to go walking is really fool-hardy during the day with the gun hunt on right now.  Anything that moves is fair game and I can't push the powers of my Amazingly Protective Blaze Orange Jacket too far.  So, even if the weather is nice, I can't put in my road miles because I could get shot.    Who says exercise is good for you?

I'll let you know if the blaze orange worked.  


Procrastinatoe Fountain, frozen in time.


xoxoxo said...

Bwahahahha! I am so glad I didn't put off reading your blog FOR TOMORROW. Never a dull moment around here!

Missy said...

After reading about all the hard work you've done over the years it's hard to imagine you as a procrastinator but I think we are all guilty of it from time to time.
Maybe we should form a procrastinators society, maybe tomorrow, or the next day.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Karen, as long as you can get a shovel in the ground, you are okay with the bulbs. One year, I planted them in December!


Darla said...

Maybe you just work better under pressure....poor fountain.

fer said...

Procrastinate is one of the things I do best.
I like the fountain all frozen, it looks nice

Meredehuit ♥ said...

There's always tomorrow, Karen. :) My gardens are covered in snow today, I could use a warm day to finish my bulbs. May just plant them in pots and keep them outside.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I hope you stay safe during hunting season. My husband takes our dog to area lakes once a week. During hunting season they have to be careful where they go, as he lets her run. Plus, she is terrified of the noise. Well, I guess a plus for you, is fewer deer to eat your plants.

I love that fountain!