Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Doggies, it's Cold Outside

A Rare sight...
I know it's cold out when our two dogs are this close to each other!  Pudding, on the left, and Teddy, on the right, are brother and sister, about six months apart in age.  We have had Teddy since he was a puppy, over ten years now, but Pudding is a late arrival, having been with us only a year, she was Ann's family dog but needed a new home and we are happy to have her.

Pudding is a very loving; she would rather roll over and have her belly scratched and lick your hand than do anything else.  Teddy is feisty and though he enjoys a good belly rub, he'd much rather chase a ball  than be a couch potato.  Pudding loves to be loved, and Teddy loves to growl.  We always said he had a greeting disorder, because try as I might to socialize him, his usual greeting to most people is a growl.  These two dogs are polar opposites.

Teddy had to give up being an 'only' dog and has had to share many things he would rather not, but I have to say, he's been a gentleman for the most part and always defers to his sister in most things.  Pudding gets to go out and come in the door first, gets the first treat, and picks the best place to sleep.  For the first year, they spent most of their time basically ignoring each other, it was clearly a case of Canine Cold Shoulder/Silent Treatment.  "Talk to the paw, I'm like so not into you."  If they bumped into each other by accident it was as if they had touched something electrical.....they would both stop dead in their tracks and go the other way.  Going for walks was another adventure in knot-ology, because they were constantly getting wrapped around each others leashes.  But with the onset of colder weather, these two have grudgingly given up the feud, apparently, and have come to terms with their territorial issues for the sake of comfort.

And it has been cold.  Single digit cold.  And with the windchill factored in, well below zero.  But we're blessed with a nice, deep blanket of snow on the ground which is always a good thing.  The last snowstorm on the weekend was a doozy, I think we received about 12".  It had to blow around alot and made some fantastic drifts, too.  Joel spent all afternoon on Sunday just clearing out the yard here and at Mom's.  By mid-afternoon the wind had picked up very much and the temperatures were dropping steadily.

Carl's car, under cover

Big drift in front of the garage door.
Joel to the rescue.
The road is there somewhere.

Carl shoveling out to the chicken coop

Hard to believe, less than 24 hours before, there was no snow at all.
Might be awhile before we get back into Mom's old shed.
For all the work this much snow makes, there's also another side to it, the beauty.

One cool chair.
It's cold out, but we just have to make the best of it.  We'll do what we have to do to stay warm.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, up to and including:

Sleeping with the Enemy.


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Karen, as I have implied before you are a writer, maybe we should get rid of the word "blogger," people know what writers are!

What type of dogs are they, so adorable. I had my older do for thirteen years and we brought in a new puppy and he did put up with him until he died. I have the four year old Reggie now and he is so spoiled.


xoxoxo said...

Hahaha. I love how they slee with their backs to each other.
The snow is so pretty! In Western Washington we completely shut down for 2 inches most times! said...

Loved you post. Sleeping with the enemy. Ha ha. I too have a pet picture like that on my post. My two cats. One does not like the other. But the other tries so hard to be friends. Teddy has a greeting disorder, that is so cute.

And my do you have snow. We are in single digits later in the week. It is 21 here today, but yesterday was 10.

Your snow images are really pretty. I love seeing photos with snow.

FlowerLady said...

Oh Karen ~ Here is yet another wonderful post from you with great pictures. That last picture is wonderful, as they begrudgingly lay back to back. No 'cozying up' together for them. :-)

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

Junebug said...

Wow, how pretty is the snow but also look at the work! I sometime wish I lived in snow country for the scenery. I love sleeping with the enemy. They are both so cute. Stay warm and cozy!!! Hugs!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

LOL! Oh those four footed kids.
Talk about getting snow Karen you sure got dumped on. It is beautiful in your gardens though. Maybe not so much when shoveling out around the buildings though.
Thank you so much for the prayers for my daughter. The mole was non cancerous so I am a thrilled and thankful Momma.

Sall's Country Life said...

Very cute...sleeping with the enemy!!
It's cold here too, we have three cats that all want to snuggle on the bed with us! It's crowded, but warm.
I see you're having some fun with mosaics!! Great job, enjoyed all of your photos, keep the snow there please!

Missy said...

That is a LOT of snow. I'm definitely no expert as it never snows here but I think I'd cuddle up to keep warm too.
Even though it's cold it is really beautiful. Your mosaics are wonderful.

Zoey said...

The first big snow is always so beautiful. It's always nice to get the gardens covered and know that there is no work to be done until spring.

We got close to two feet in that storm with wind chills of -18. I am already tired of the beauty. LOL.

The little dogs are so cute trying to stay warm.

Sandy said...

It sure looks cold in your neck of the woods!
Takes me back to my days living in Central Illinois.. boy I'm glad I live in Florida now.. we had 28' the other night and I shivered!
Well today it hit 74' and I'd love to have you come down and warm up.. your pups are so cute all cuddled up together.. glad you took a photo, may never happen
stay warm!

Rosemary said...

Karen Got such a smile from your enemies story , they are so cute... Beautiful your snow photos are , beautiful from inside.....a warm house..

Darla said...

Beautiful scenery! You have me shivering now..

The Dutch Baker's Daughter said...

Your dogs are adorable! Our two dogs sleep butt to butt, too. A big black lab and a fat, little white chihuauhua. It is quite the sight.

I looks like our storm moved over to Wisconsin. In fact, we were stranded in Milwaukee last Sunday because the Mpls. airport was closed. Somehow, it looks prettier on your property. LOL

Sandy said...

No posts from you for a week.. your either visiting family for the holidays or your pc got snowed
I just had to stop by and say "Happy Holidays" to you and yours.. I so enjoy your blog..