Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Read 'Em All Tuesday

I have another wonderful blog for all of you to check out for Tootsie's Read 'Em All Tuesday.  Tootsie asks that we select a favorite blog from our reading list and introduce them to you. 

So here we go:

Meet Myra from My Mother's Daughter

Here, in Myra's own words, is what her blog is all about:

I am a junkaholic. I love to recycle, repurpose, reinvent, upcycle things other people no longer want and create unique items for my home and garden. I hope you see something here that inspires you to look at things in a different way.

Boy, does she ever inspire!  Every time I visit Myra I am simply amazed at all the wonderful works of art she and her husband Joe have created.   Objects you would never think twice about using as art become materials to reuse in beautiful ways in their talented hands.  Their latest creations just charmed me no end, take a look and you'll be amazed, too. 

She rescued an old corn crib and is renovating it into a gazebo (her cornzebo) which is already an amazing garden feature that I cannot wait to see finished!  I'll never forget the post showing that huge structure coming down the road. 

Stop in and see Myra for inspiration and enjoy her creations. 

You'll be glad you did!


myomyohi said...

I am speechless. I'm flattered you like my blog. I consider your recommendation high praise, since you and Carl constantly amaze and inspire me.

Tufa Girl said...

Great more crafty inspirational people! Maybe you folks will rub off on me... Although a corn crib gazebo has been on my wish list for awhile. I will need to bring a trailer with me when we go on our trip next time...

HW Glass said...

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Rosemary said...

Will check it out love seeing anything recycled

lilraggedyangie said...

Hi Karen its nice to meet you , i came here from my moms blog "mymothersdaughter" how super cool you featured her , her work amazes us all , I look forward to getting to know you and reading more of your posts . hugs lilraggedyangie