Friday, December 9, 2011

Fertilizer Friday: December 9

Oh, boy, Fertilizer Friday again over at Tootsie's and nothing is blooming.  Or growing-- except for my anxiety.  And my ulcer. I have to get at Christmas preparations around here.  There's no putting this off any longer. I refuse to let the GADS get the upper hand.

I told Pudding we could no longer stare back wistfully at last summer.  (Yes, that's right, I talk to my dogs.  A lot.  And you only thought I was long-winded in writing?  Ah, no, you would be wrong.) 

She didn't want to hear such sad news. 

I said, "Pudding, I have to stop wandering around in the Back Eight with you and Teddy when I need to be baking, cleaning and sewing." 

No more peering around in the White Forest, examining next year's mulch supply.

"I know, you love this time together and so do I, and we are very lucky there's no snow yet."

"But, now, are you listening?  Pudding, do you realize Christmas is less than two weeks away?  Do you know how much work I have to do yet?  I'm not sure if we'll find the time to fit in our Walkies every day if I don't get some more work done around here.  And since both of us are losing our girlish figures, you won't be able to have as many treats as usual."

 "Ah, NOW I have your attention!"

"Your brother isn't as worried about all the fuss and frenzy as us girls are.  Teddy's sure it will all come together like it always does with no effort on his part.  But his coat is getting a little tight, too..."

What will happen if we run out of time for Walkies?  Hmmmmm.......maybe even Teddy will have to cut down on his treat consumption."

"Aha!  Now I have your attention, too, Teddy?  I know, I don't want to give up treats either, so we'll have to all work harder to get the Christmas preparations done."

"Let's head to the house and I'll finish up the silly tomato cage tree I was working on, ok?"

"Pudding, no lollygagging around, c'mon now, we have to hurry."

"Treat consumption is at stake. Let's run!"

"We can make up for lost time if we try!"

"Ok, guys, help me with this last tomato cage/tree, would you?"

"Is that the best tomato cage you could find?  Ok, it will have to do.  It would work better if it weren't so crooked, but if I had the time I could straighten it out.  I don't, so I won't."

 "Now, go find me some garland....oh, is this all we have left?  Ok, it's green, but it falls apart really easy.  Oh, well, let's start wrapping it around the cage:"

"Just tie an end to the cage and start walking in circles.  I'm really good at it."  (Walking in circles, that is.) 

"Ok, Teddy, so I ran out of one type of garland and had to switch to another type up near the top, but you get the general idea, right?  It's pathetic, I know, but it's supposed to look like those 'skinny trees' they sell at the big box stores, and if you squint your eyes and turn your head just the right way, you can kinda see it.  If you try REALLY hard.  Pudding, can you see the look I'm going for here?" 

"All the inventive people out there in Blogland could find fantastic things to make this look more appealing, of that I'm sure.  But this is me, and you dogs know how it goes around here.  Make do with whatcha got.  And what I got is a lot of Autumn Joy sedum flowers that tipped over in that first snowfall.  So I got out the red spray paint and changed them from brown to crimson a few days ago while you dogs were napping."

"Pudding, you may notice I left the stems of the sedums real long so I can just poke them through the garland and they'll be hidden inside the tomato cage."
'Just stick them here and there, all over the tree."

"And if you two can find any red bows lying around, we can use them, too.  Another thing I found out is the red spray paint works wonders for faded silk flowers and red bows, too.  I took the washed out-looking, tired flowers and bows and gave 'em a new coat of red.  So far, they're holding up really well."

 "Feel free to spray paint some dried hydrangeas, too.  We'll see how long they last in the weather."

"It's ok to leave some of the sedums their natural color and some of them red.  Just trying to mix it up a little.  What's that, Teddy, you wanna go in?  I know, it's getting really cold out.  Ok, let's take off your coat."

"Teddy!  Will you stop tearing your coat apart?  I know you think you look like a sissy in it, but sheesh.....

"You're gonna need it tomorrow."

"Pudding, what do you think?  Maybe if we hurry we can get it all done?"

"That's my Girl!"

"If we run as fast as we can,  maybe we'll both get our girlish figures back too."

Hey, us girls can dream.


Sue said...

How pretty that tomato cage turned out! And if you find the secret to getting (and KEEPING) the girlish figure while eating treats, let us know!!!

Zoey said...

That tomato cage turned out great. I once used sedum on my indoor tree (painted gold). That flower is just an all around winner. I never thought to spray faded outside flowers. What a great idea!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

I think I have aprayed everything this year, except the greens. I am going to keep in mind those tomato cages for next year, a great idea. I had to order my dog a new coat this year, grew out of his other one, I had better watch how much he eats.


FlowerLady said...

What a fantastic idea and I think it looks great. I know I've got a tomato cage around here, I think I'll see what I can come up with, if I have the time and the inclination. :-)

Have a wonderful Christmas season.


Peonies & Magnolias said...

Love your idea with the tomato cages, I'm going to have to try that for sure. It all looks so beautiful. Have a great weekend.


El Gaucho said...

Cutting back on treats? Blasphemy. I do appreciate that there's someone else out there who has coats on their dogs, and fancy bejeweled coats no less.

Very cool idea with the tomato cages in the planters, they look great framing either side of the entryway.

Rosemary said...

Karen It is a scary time of the year trying to get everything done.... But never fear it always seems to come together...... others never know what we planned that did not!
Love the tomato cages Will so be doing something along these lines next year cause yours are gorgeous......

Tootsie said...

I absolutley love this post!!! It even made this Tootsie smile...and trust me...a smile in the morning is hard to come by from me!!!! I remember making a tree out of a tomato cage once. It was so cute...until it blew all over the neighborhood in a big
Your decor looks wonderful and your helpers...well...I could just kiss them all day...give them a little hug from Tootsie and tell them thanks for making my morning!!!
I thank you so much for linking in this week. It is an honor to host Friday's Flaunt and meet new friends and visit the regulars (who are like old friends) who share. I am always excited to tour each post and see the different flowers/ projects and garden art that everyone flaunts. It is a pleasure to tour and see all the gorgeous blooms...and I appreciate each and every link and comment! I have shared your post today with my facebook page for Tootsie Time. I hope you will link in again soon!
¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.

Darla said...

Spray paint is one of my best friends!!! Love the trees!!

Alison said...

What a fun, cute post! Thanks for letting us help you decorate. Your tomato cage tree turned out great! What a creative way to make the sedums part of the decorations. Your dogs are so cute!

Toni - Signature Gardens said...

One of these years I must try that tomato cage thing! Too cool. And quite ingenious spraying the sedum! A little dusting of snow on them, and they will be just perfect, right?

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Your tomato cage i gorgeous!! I love that you spray painted the flowers...real and faux. You're sure a smartie! Truly enjoyed your post. You're lucky to have two wonderful helpers! ♥♥

Junebug said...

Oh Karen, I love your helpers and that tomato cage tree. I think you did a wonderful job on it. The only thing I've manage to do is bring my tree in the house. Still no furniture, ha-ha! Have a great weekend and don't overwork!!
Hugs, June!!

Tufa Girl said...

Faithful dog companions. Our 2 are just like teenagers with their comments and shaking their heads with disapproval at times. They are truly part of the family.

HolleyGarden said...

Oh, you make me laugh! There does seem to be so much to do so close to Christmas. Your dogs are adorable. I'm impressed with your trees. And your idea of painting sedum! How creative and smart of you!

Anonymous said...

Hello dear friend,
You have made a great job of the tree, and Pudding and Teddy look like they are having fun running around the back eight looking smart in their coats. The gardens are so sad without flowers. It’s a good job we can have a quick whiz around blogland a see lots of lovely flowers to boost the sprits. Now I must get on with decorating the house for Christmas.
Have a good weekend.

Beth said...

Teddy and Pudding look just adorable in their little coats. You captured some great pics of them, and I enjoyed hearing about what they were thinking! Your tomato cage looks GREAT, Karen. Very creative and colorful!
Blessings, Beth
p.s. The puppy in my blog post is a shelter puppy, not mine.

Anonymous said...

The dogs look precious in their outerwear. Great photos of them running, so expressive. I have made trees for my front door just like you have done, then I got an Alberta Spruce from the farm so I did not have to 'make' the tree, but after a few years, the spruce outgrew the pot. So back to the make-a-tree, maybe next Christmas. Yours look very nice BTW. Very festive.

Carol said...

cute post, but i'm with teddy, lets just wa;l through the woods! tress are cute! Carol said...

I always have such a wonderful experience when I come read your blog...the dogs are ADORABLE!! I bet you sewed their coats..I wonder? And the tomato cage used upside down as a Christmas tree deco is fabulous!! I will steal that idea!!!!!

I'm starting my morning with extra smiles, thanks to you Karen!


Landbohaven said...

Hvor er hundene søde og fint klædt på.
Tak for rundvisningen.
Rigtig gode billeder.

Lona said...

LOL! Well you made my morning laugh Karen. You and the furry balls of energy cracked me up.
What great tips on the cage tree. I spray paint the allium heads but never thought about hydrangeas and sedum heads. I will have to remember that for next year.
Thank you for your comments about the situation with my Mom. The car scares me a little and disabling the car may be an option soon. I hate to take away the things she loves to do so she does still ride the riding mower to mow her grass. The little John Deere has a safety option on it so in case she should slip off of it it shuts down so I feel better at letting her still mow riding at least. It is sort of like you and your Dad driving the tractor around. I am glad your mom still has a sound mind. It is just awful when the memory goes before the body wears out.It is so sad to see these strong people in our lives slowly fade before our eyes. Thank you for your kind words and prayers.
Have a wonderful weekend and get those cookies baked girl. LOL! or just buy them!

Jennifer@threedogsinagarden said...

Hi Karen, You have quite the team of little Christmas helpers. Until I saw your post, I would never thought of using my tomato cages to make festive trees. It is a great and creative idea. I have done a little bit of decorating and little to no baking, so you aren't the only one scrambling to get ready for the holidays.

Sall's Country Life said...

Hey those trees turned out great! Well worth the walkie time! You all deserve a treat for artistic excellence!

Indie said...

Ha, too funny! I feel like the Christmas season sneaked up on me this year! I'm so unprepared!

A great idea to paint the sedums red. It's amazing the things you can do with spray paint!

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