Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Walk, Walk, Walk or Hop, Hop, Hop...

The days are going by so quickly.  I guess this summer is no different than any other summer, except it should feel like it's been longer due to the high temperatures and the lack of rain.  I stand around with a hose more than I weed, watering the flowers by hand  seems to be the only way to give them a good, long drink.  The sprinkler doesn't work as well, too much evaporation.  If I could water the garden with perspiration, we'd have no lack of moisture. 

Carl surprised me by coming home early from work on Tuesday and then doubly surprised me by taking today off, too.  He was caught up with his job and since he has quite a bit of vacation coming and the temperature was only in the mid-80's today, he thought why not come home and work on Castle Aaargh?

I was in the middle of Leslie's workout and dripping with sweat when he walked in the house.  Lucky for me, he doesn't get impatient with my workout routine which is now up to an hour and a half a day.  If I didn't have his support I'd be less likely to keep up with it.  I did try to get him to walk with me once, and he did walk in place and hop around with me and Leslie's crew for one mile before he threw in the towel.  He just wasn't that into 'Walk Walk Walk.' 

I have a vast variety of Leslie's videos and a handful of other instructors, including, yes, Richard Simmons. But sometimes it's fun to do something different.  For a change I tried a random low-impact exercise video for beginners on YouTube that just about knocked me on my ample behind.  It looked so simple.   Just put something flat, like a belt, down on the floor and step across it.

Looks easy.

Ah, looks can be deceiving. First, all we have to do is step back and forth over the line.  Ok, I'm with her so far.

Then the very fit instructor wanted me to hop over the belt with both feet.  Ok, I can do that.

Then she stepped up the speed.  Hop, hop, hop.  Faster.

Then she wanted me to hop with only one foot.  Hop, hop, hop.  Faster!

Now switch to the other foot, c'mon keep up the pace.  If you get tired, go back to two feet, but keep hopping!

Yeah, right.  She was clearing the belt on the floor by a good foot or more, even on one foot, and I was constantly landing on the belt and stomping it to death and at one point, I missed it entirely.  Soon I just gave up.  Enough of that.  I would need to don all of my sports bras to sufficiently guard the 'twins' against floppage. And this is for beginners?  Ouch.

My next adventure this morning was with Kenn Kihiu of Dance X video fame.  Talk about exercise.  I usually do this video once every other week.  I'm sure anyone who is reasonably fit would breeze right through the routines, but apparently I'm not at that level yet.  It's fun, and I've made some progress, but when he and his crew get to the Irish Kicks, once again I'm flailing about thinking that the minute he says is almost up will Never Get Here.  Time can go very, v.....e.....r.....y  s.......l.........o........w........l.......y. sometimes.

I am completely in awe of Irish Riverdancers even more now.

They make it look so easy.

 Even a monkey can do it!

So what's my excuse?


Sueb said...

What a lovely surprise Carl home and you all hot and sweaty who was more surprised? I did giggle at the thought of the "twins" getting away! I have been getting back into a routine with Lesley and Nadia although Nadia has me in a state of near collapse in no time at all. So I just keep on doing the walk walk walk and smile ...through gritted teeth! I made a very brave step today I joined slimming world! I know.... it was a moment of weakness! Walk walk walk you know you just love it! Have a fun time with Carl...
No!! Heaving rocks around what did you think I meant ;0)

Carol said...

Mother Nature has been harsh on us this summer for sure! I'm doing hand watering and sprinklers since I'm still working outside of the home :0(
I haven't kept up with my exercises at all ..Congrats on your ability to stay with it. Hope you and the Hubs get the work you want done on this grand summer day :0)

Shirley said...

Good for you! At least your husband tried the workout so he knows just how accomplished you are!

The hose has become the gardener's new best friend here too.

Stay cool!

Alison said...

It was so nice of Carl to take some time off, I hope you got plenty done and had fun. I have Nigel home for the next week and a half, he is changing jobs, and decided to arrange it so he didn't need to start the new job right away. We have all kinds of plans.

We just started our dry season here, so I have been dragging the sprinkler around, trying to make sure all my new plantings stay alive.

Great to hear from you! said...

Karen - I have laughed so hard! That video with the hopping made me fall over just watching it! And the comment about the FLOPPAGE was hysterical! I can relate, my upper body has a lot of floppage as well. One of my friends would often tell me that she quit exercising because different parts of her body would go in different directions while exercising and it was traumatizing! It was so funny! Anyway, I am amazed by your energy and very inspired!!