Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Pick Things Up and Put Them Down

I started the workouts in the book, 'The New Rules of Lifting for Women' last week.  So far, I've only done two workouts (the plan takes six months to complete) and after the first workout,  I could honestly say, "Ouch," and mean it.  Oh, I wasn't in agony or anything, but yes, I did find some muscles I didn't know I had.  ( It probably didn't help that I've been transferring rocks from rotten pallets out in the Back Eight to new pallets so we can haul them up for Aaargh construction, either.)  Every pallet holds a thousand pounds (or more) and I've lost count of the pallets I've loaded this week.  Though I do a lot of lifting in my daily gardening life, the formal weightlifting bends my old muscles into new shapes or something.  I don't often press rocks up over my head or do rows with a hunk of limestone in each hand, so these new angles are good.   

I'm running into some difficulties substituting dumbbells for barbells and figuring out how to do a wide grip lat pull-down (good thing the book has pictures, or I would be forever wondering what that was) without gym equipment.  I bought some resistance bands in varying strengths which I can use together to get the same effect (hopefully) as the machines at the gym.  This is all a big experiment and I'm way out of my league, but so far, I'm enjoying the process.  One thing I found out the hard way: when the company who makes the resistance bands tells you to make certain the door you use to affix your bands to is locked shut, they aren't kidding.  Getting a resistance band in the face doing a lat pull-down thingie is not pleasant, ha. 

When I read the book through the first time, it became clear to me a gym membership would make the exercises much easier to accomplish.  But there's still that part of me (the miser) who would rather save money and work out at home.  So, I went in search of videos online showing various workouts with possible substitutions for equipment we don't own.

Happily, I found ways to get the job done without a gym membership.  Many of the videos I watched were informative and helpful with sincere athletes demonstrating proper form and useful information.  I was very impressed.   I was starting to think gyms weren't all full of stereotypical sweaty guys, grunting and prancing around trying to impress women.  Maybe, someday, I'll join one after all.

But then I found this video: 

P.S. I'm safe even if I did go to a gym though....I'm old and large.   It would take a really buff dude to get this unit airborne.  Oh, but that landing!  Ouch, again.


Pam's English Garden said...

Karen, I feel guilt,admiration and motivation by your posting. I must do something about my lack of fitness -- old and large (me) demand action. Ouch! P. x

FlowerLady said...

Oh my gosh, that video and that poor girl. Of course it was all an act on both their parts, but yikes, glad it wasn't me.

You are amazing doing all of this workout stuff.


Junebug said...

National Statistic - Number one place men go to pick up girls - GYM!!!!!!

I join you with the old and out of shape so I don't have to worry but who wants to exercise and grunt with Miss Barbie next door!

Keep up the good work!! said...

I think her part was more impressive than his! Good reason to avoid a gym! Your exercising is so awesome. The point you made about not lifting the rocks overhead cracked me up. But, it must be backbreaking work. I'm always impressed with everything you guys tackle, especially because you create such beauty!


Alison said...

That video was very silly! You are such an inspiration.

Sandy said...

OMG, how funny your last sentence.. I need fitness also so when I left my
daughters home last week she gave me this
contraption that looks like a lawn chair and she said I'd get my abbs in better shape being I had a really bad back (screws and rods in there).. so it's leaning against the wall for the past week looking at me screaming, "Open Me Up"...haha
Love this post and good luck with your new routine.

Birds, Bees, Berries, and Blooms said...

I have lifted weights off and on for 20 years and it is so good for your body. There is nothing wrong with doing them at home (my dumbells didn't make the last move and I regret it). Also it is ok to use dumbells instead of a bar. The bar can let your stronger side cheat your weaker side. They also improve your ability to balance. Keep it up and kudos to you!

Karen said...

Pam, no need to feel guilty; gosh, no! I'm sure you are very fit, we gardeners just work different muscles than traditional strength training. Thank you for your kind words, I need all the motivation I can get. :-)

Lorraine, I know, wasn't that girl strong, too? I can't imagine how she held together being flipped around like that. I have to admit I actually did laugh out loud at that video, it was NOT what I expected!

June, turns out you're right, and the video proves it! I should go to a gym and dare a muscle-bound guy to lift me, but I doubt I'd have any takers. But if I did, I'd have a rule; I don't want to be tossed off to the side. I hope the girl in the video landed on something cushiony. Poor Barbie!

Hi Lana, yes, that girl is at least as strong as he was, can you imagine? I wonder if she has bruises from the grip he had to use to lift her as well as her abrupt landing. We'll see how far I get with this nonsense I'm attempting; at my age, it may well be a mistake, but I'll keep on trying anyway. Thank you for the encouragement, too!

Alison, yes, it was a very silly video, I agree. I found it the other day online and thought it was hilarious. For some reason, I can't stop watching it, they are both very talented.

Sandy, now you have me intrigued by your lawn chair contraption for abs, goodness knows my abs could use work, they're still flabby. With pins and things in your back, just be careful! You should see me approach this weight-lifting, I look like I'm standing on ice and move in slow motion. Slow and steady wins the race, right? A lawn chair for abs, huh? What will they think of next. Hugs!

BBBB, thank you for the encouragement. I'm glad to hear the dumbbells will work in place of the barbell, that's great news. And wow, you've worked out with weights for over 20 years? Congratulation to you!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Wow, can't believe he dropped her, bet she won't allow that again!


Karen said...

Hi Eileen, I know, I wasn't expecting that either, but as FlowerLady said, it's all part of the spoof. I think the guy needs to work on his technique for picking up girls? ;')

Lisa Sall - Sall's Country Life said...

LOL, that was great Karen! Thanks for the laugh before I get back to work here! Good luck with your fitness program! I think gyms are over-rated (and over-priced). Take Care!(I'm still chuckling at that video)

Anonymous said...

Hi Hun, You got a lock that door a red streak across the face from a resistance band at full twang is not a good look.
You be careful or you’ll have biceps like Arnold Schwarzenegger! I am so proud of you go girl….
I did laugh at the video clip. I’m sticking to my exercise bike I did contemplate a Zumba class but that was just for a nano second then I came to my senses put that thought back in the box marked bad ideas!

Karen said...

Hi Lisa, I'm glad you found it amusing; I got a hoot out of it, too!
Don't work too hard now, have some fun this weekend.

Hi Sue, the resistance band whipping towards my face was a frightful experience, from now on the door will be locked. Watching that guy hoist her up in the air was truly amazing; but tossing her down like a set of barbells was the truly stunning part. Zumba---we had a beginner's DVD in our exercise class and all of us were staggering around trying to figure it out. Wish there had been a video camera on that day, what a sight! After ten minutes, the entire class said, "Enough, we just can't do this." Maybe we didn't give it a long enough trial? If we didn't live so far away, we could do this together, Sue, it would be fun!

Rosemary said...

Karen as usual you had me laughing out loud.... Ouch is right!

myomyohi said...

You would think as much as we work in our yards and on projects we would be buff and tight but alas I am not. I admire you for being so diligent in your exercise. I was riding my motorcycle a while back, wearing a tank top to get some sun, when I looked in the mirror and thought "what the heck is that!" Girlfriend, it was my jiggly arms flapping in the breeze. OMG, I almost wrecked!

HolleyGarden said...

Well, if I were young and unmarried, that video would say to me - never date a weightlifter!

Karen said...

Myra, you had me laughing so hard with your story! I HATE it when stuff like that happens to me, lol. I'm glad you didn't wreck!

Holley, amen to that. "Please don't throw me down again!"

Karen said...

Rosemary, so good to hear from you!

PlantPostings said...

LOL, I echo Holley's thoughts. Also, I applaud you for your dedication to exercise! I have never been able to stick with one routine very long. You are a great role model! Take care, though, and don't overdo it.

Indie said...

Ha, that video was quite funny (though I sure hope that girl had something soft to land on!)

That is awesome that you are weight lifting now. I've never used resistance bands before - I'm so clumsy, I'm sure I would snap myself in the face or something! I did have some great arm muscles from carrying kids around, but now the kids are growing and not wanting me to carry them so much. I'm losing my Mommy muscles!

Karen said...

PlantPostings, never fear, I'll do my best not to get hurt; I'm such a baby about pain, lol! We'll see what this weight lifting routine does to me...this could be quite the experience.

Indie, the resistance bands are really kinda fun and dangerous all rolled up into one, but I'm not sure I'm using them correctly. I remember the days of carrying the little ones around; they are HEAVY! I bet you have amazing strength. Such a journey this is turning into, I'm actually kinda scairt, lol.