Monday, December 31, 2012

December Highlights

Christmas has come and gone already.  I was probably more unprepared than ever this year, which is an understatement.  I didn't get the tree up until two days before Christmas which is really too bad.  I like to have things decorated much earlier so we can enjoy the season beforehand, but time just got away from me. We had a white pine out in the Back Eight that had developed a double leader, so one night just before dark Carl and I cut off the smaller of the two trunks for our tree this year.   Not a perfect tree by any means, but the price was right.  Free.  And the best part is, the tree we sawed it off of will now grow stronger and straighter.
Merry Belated Christmas!

Though I wasn't ready for the holidays indoors, I did a lot of decorating outdoors.  Just because I wasn't prepared this season, doesn't mean other folks weren't.  I wanted to show you our little town's display for Christmas.  We were driving through town one Sunday evening during the first snowfall of December.  With the snow coming down, the scenes reminded me of my favorite holiday movie, "It's a Wonderful Life".  Our farm is a few miles away from this little city of just over three thousand people.  When we 'go to town' to buy groceries or gasoline, go to church or the doctor, this is the town we are headed for.

The city has an area set up for residents to honor their lost loved ones by decorating a memorial tree.

 This is Seymour, Wisconsin, Home of the Hamburger, by the way, and the big fella standing in the midst of the gorgeous trees is none other than Hamburger Charlie.   Every year the town celebrates 'Burger Fest' with a giant parade and other fun events, Joel even was able to take a ride in a hot air balloon one year.
It's all about the hamburger, even with a dusting of snow, this looks tasty, doesn't it?

Blurry pictures, I know, but this is Main Street on a snowy December night. 

 There is one grocery store in town, a post office, two schools, and an almost equal number of churches, gas stations and taverns.  This is a typical small town in our area, and though I do not like cities of any size, this one is my favorite.  Once upon a time in my childhood, there was even a movie theater; I'll never forget watching 'Gone With the Wind' in the red velvet seats. 

Statue of Hamburger Charlie Nagreen

Beautiful memorial trees
Every summer there are band concerts in the gazebo here. 

Snowman on the light pole partially illuminates the Giant Burger.
The old train depot.
There's a museum for the city and one for the railroad here, too.  This is one of the old railroad cars all decked out for Christmas.
Joel headed back to our car.  Time to head for home.
 Meanwhile, back at the farm, here's some of our holiday decorations:

I realize poor Ernie looks a little goofy this year.  Apparently a very large bird laid an egg in the nest of pine boughs.
I wonder what will hatch out?

Whatever is in the egg is pretty fantastic after dark.
Have to put the horses out by the fence, wouldn't be Christmas without them.
I put lights around the circles on the driveway grates.  You can't see it very well, but there's an arrangement of dried grasses and silk poinsettias in a pot in front. 
Can't miss our driveway.  C'mon in.
Gazebo and deer
The dome and icicles
I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!  We certainly did.  Happy New Year, too!!


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

DEAR Karen ~ It is 4:14 EST and I really enjoyed your post this morning. I love your little decorated town and your beautifully decorated property. The entry to your property looks fabulous! Your deer are sweet and I love the dome.

Love and hugs to you and Carl,
FlowerLady Lorraine

Sandy said...

Karen, I had to stop by and wish you and your family a very Happy New Year ahead... your photos of all the Christmas trees adorning the city street ,,, I love it! I also would love to see how you all decorated your beautiful gardens.. looks cold there!
Blessings in the year to come.

Pam's English Garden said...

Karen, I love the idea of a white pine for a Christmas tree! Like your horses -- we just have a tiny deer lit up by the pond. Wishing you a very Happy New Year! P. x

El Gaucho said...

I'm trying to decide what would hatch out of that giant egg - perhaps a lovely pine scented Pterodactyl? That would be pretty least until he grew up and started terrorizing town.

Thanks for the tour of your town, I never knew that there was a birthplace of the hamburger, or that it was in Wisconsin. The memorial trees, and frankly the town itself, was quite lovely, thank you for the photo tour. Alycia is from a small town (about half the size of yours - 1,500) and they've fought hard to keep their movie theater. We make sure to always catch a movie when we're in town.

Junebug said...

I love all your outdoor lights! The dome is beautiful in the snow and lights! I'm always sad when the town take down their light. The street are so dark again. I think we need to start a campaign for all Christmas light need to stay on until Feb 1st!!!

Well the New Year is almost here and no I'm not make any resolutions this year. So here's hoping you and family have a great New Year! Hugs!!

Lona said...

How how pretty and festive it all looks. I love your horses and deers. The grates by the road look so lovely Karen. And of course the gazebo looks beautiful at any time of the year. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and blessings in the New Year ahead.

Alison said...

Merry Christmas and Happy new Year, Karen! I really enjoyed this look at your little town all decked out for the holidays. I've been wondering lately how your holiday was going and how you were doing. It's a treat to see a post from you. I love the lights on your tree grates.

HolleyGarden said...

I can hear the love for your home town in your words. I love the tradition of having a memorial tree. They are gorgeous. Your dome is absolutely breathtaking. And I love the horses! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Your garden looks lovely with the fairy lights. Happy New Year.
Sue x

Beth said...

Things look really beautiful at your place, both after dark - great lights; and also the header photo of your quarry garden. I liked seeing the trees in Seymour too. Happy New Year, Karen!

Bonnie K said...

My mom never comments, but she so loves your blog. I want to wish you a healthy and prosperous New Year! I enjoy you blog and look forward to seeing your achievements in 2013.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

What a beautiful little town and I love that hamburger history.


Tufa Girl said...

What a wonderful thing for your city to have memorial Christmas trees! I love the decorations of the town but your yard's are the best! Ernie looks fabulous. Hope you had a great Christmas and will have a wonderful New Year.

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Those sure are some pretty trees!!

Just wanted to stop by and wish you a Happ, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!!
Take care *hugs*deb

Toni - Signature Gardens said...

Love the memorial trees. What a great idea. The "little" town we live in is known as the Christmas Capital of Texas, how 'bout that :-) Even though we are in the midst of a larger metro area, it still has a small-town feel. We don't have a hamburger man, though :-) That is one frost looking hamburger! Love your driveway grates decorated. I'll bet the daytime look is just as beautiful with the ornamental grasses! Happy new year!!

Anonymous said...

The dome is pretty in lights. Your town looks really festive. I wish you a very Happy New Year.

Karen said...

Rainey, thank you so much.

Hi Sandy, yes, it is cold here. It would be really neat to decorate our trees outside like out little town did, but I just don't have that many extension cords. ;-)

Thank you, Pam, white pines are nice since they don't drop any needles to speak of, but they don't hold many ornaments either, which can be a win-win for decorating in a hurry-up mode.

El Gaucho, mmmmmm.......pine-scented Pterodactyls, I think we could use one of those around here. We'll see what we get from that egg! I miss our movie theater, it was fun.

June, I feel the same way, all the extravagantly lit festive lights are on for far too short a time. When they pull the plug on them, the gloom sets in again. February 1 would be perfect timing.

Thank you, Lona, and best wishes to you, too.

Hi Alison, yes the lights on the grates were kind of fun; I'm going to hate taking them down. I bought some round lights on a 60% off sale the other day, I'm thinking of putting them in the dome permanently on a timer for a few hours a night. So good to hear from you, I miss reading everyone's blogs. We'll be by soon.

Holley, little towns are the best, aren't they? I have a soft spot for horses and hate to put them away every year. Often thought of a topiary vine for them, but never got past the thinking stage.

Hello Sue! Great to hear from you, hope all is well. Can't believe another year has gone by again.

Thank you, Beth!

Bonnie K, welcome to you and I'm glad your mother enjoys our antics here. Thank you!

Eileen, the hamburger history was a surprise to me, too when they first started talking about it years ago. The hamburger festivities are always a highlight of the summmer.

Tufa Girl, thank you, now I have to take it all down again......but there's too much snow, so I'll just let it go awhile. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it, lol.

Happy New Year to you too, Deb!

Toni, wow you live in the Christmas Capital? Cool! I bet they go out all out decorating. Do they have a Christmas Parade?

Donna, Thank you, and Happy New Year to you, too! said...

So beautiful! Makes me *sigh* with happiness!


Rosemary said...

Love the idea of memorial trees.... Seymour strikes me as a lovely small town..... if I ever get to Wisconsin I sure will Come In...that lovely drive...

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment!! it made me smile!!
This is such a beautiful post with the lights and the snow. My favorite is your stunning gazebo!!
Breath taking!! Have a great day, my friend!!