Saturday, November 9, 2013

Autumn Antics

 Since I've been feeling a little bit better, it was high time to get back to work on fall cleanup around here.  The first week of November is already gone and I have nothing done.  Good grief, snow could be piled up already and I'm lollygagging around.
Carl and I finally did finish planting that bushel of daffodils late on Thursday night.  In case you were wondering how many bulbs actually fit in a bushel, the actual number was 729,332 give or take a dozen.   Oh, our aching backs.  And knees.  And other parts.

 Ok, there weren't that many, but when you plant bulb after bulb and the pile doesn't go down at all, it gets a bit tedious.  When I lifted the daffodil bulbs this spring, I knew it was going to come down to this mad dash in the fall.  But they were so crowded...
The Way They Were last spring.  
It is amazing how many times these bulbs multiplied, the picture above is a mere fraction of what we dug up and there was a nice variety of colors, too.  When I'd first planted a dozen ten years ago they were evenly spaced out in groups of three.  I was thinking about dividing them for a good five years but you know how that's a good thought....until the crazy urge passes.  Who needs more work in the spring, anyway?  But my hand was forced this year because we remodeled the garden bed.  Rocks were coming in and though daffodils are tough, they are no match for limestone.   Come spring, we should have a splendiferous display here, there, and everywhere since we crammed them into almost every bed in the joint.

Since I'm just first getting back on my feet somewhat, I eased into the fall work this week.  We had a rainy afternoon on Tuesday, so I decided to clean out the urns since the Bubblegum petunias finally done gave up.

The Way the Urns Were in August
I couldn't leave the urns barren for the winter, so I grabbed my loppers and started pruning cedars, spruces and pine trees and whacked down almost all the Autumn Joy sedums and hydrangeas.  I grabbed a spray paint can and dolled the faded blooms up a little.
Let the madness begin, stuff everywhere.
Yes, when I should have been planting those pesky daffodils, I was goofing around with the urns.  But, hey, it was raining.  (Yes, it was another GADS attack.)

I guess the hydrangeas would look better with more paint on them and maybe not so bedraggled, but at least there's something to look at for the winter.

Urn #2
Urn #3 complete with a dead tree.....
Earlier this summer, Carl and I transplanted an adorable 'Irish Bell' conifer to a new place in the garden.  Unfortunately, the tree didn't survive the move.  I yanked it out of the garden and applied a can of white spray paint to it.  At least it can make a winter decoration, right?
Red Cardinal, a handmade gift from my father-in-law years ago
The chickens had to check out what I was doing.  They do make nice lawn ornaments, but they keep moving.
Out on the end of the driveway
We had some cedars that developed twin leaders, so I pruned them out and plunked them in the urns for winter along with more of the sedum flower heads.  Last year I had dried grasses in the urns, but the wind blew them all gollywockers.  We'll see how these hold up to blizzards.

Matching pots by the back door

More cedar boughs in dark green (Smaragd) and yellow (Sunkist) along with sedums and some sprigs of Russian sage.  I tried to make them matching, but........ok, I tried.

Old water heater stand by back door with another chicken.  My, that's a fancy chicken, isn't he?
Limelight hydrangea bloom  ringed with spray painted Autumn Joy sedums with an edging of Smaragd cedar trimmings.

I still have some more urns to deal with, namely the Big Guy himself, Ernie.  I'm not sure what I'll do with him.  I'm going to take the pots from the driveway out back and see about putting something interesting on the cast iron stands, that is, if I get around to it.  Maybe the grapevine balls will make a return appearance.  Maybe not.

We'll see how far I get this weekend.  It's supposed to very windy which means the last of the leaves will be stripped from the trees.  I took pictures of the 'Golden Raindrops' crabapples out by Aaargh last night.  They were glorious just before sunset.

If we ever get Aaargh done, this would be the view from the south windows.
I'm hoping to have a stained glass window completed for this frame by spring...Gotta get a move on.

Once the leaves fall, the yellow apples will remain most of the winter, hence the name 'Golden Raindrops'.
Not to be outdone, 'Red Jewel' crabapple also showing fall color.

Though I missed so much of the late summer and autumn due to my thyroid woes, I'm glad I did rally in time to see some of the best of the last foliage.

I have high hopes for this weekend.  There are trees to wrap to protect them from the rabbits in the winter and statuary to put away, hoses to deal with and maybe even a Christmas light or two.  But no matter what actually does get accomplished, I'm gonna do my best to appreciate the time spent outside in this crazy garden we so love.

All too soon we'll be crossing the bridge from fall into winter.


Pamela Gordon said...

Gorgeous gorgeous!! I love the way you did up your urns for winter. And those golden raindrops crab apple trees? Stunning. I had wondered what they were. Thanks for explaining. You've done a lot of work this week. I must try cutting some sedum for my containers. I didn't know if it would survive the winter. Take care. Pam

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Dear Karen ~ what a great, happy, productive and colorful post. I really enjoyed seeing and reading about all that you are doing there. I think your arrangements in the different urns are wonderful.

We are having some much needed rain this weekend, it started yesterday and is to happen off and on through Tuesday.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend whatever you do. I love your place and I love you.


Anonymous said...

I love what you did with your urns and spray paint. I never thought to spruce up the fall colors like that. It must preserve them too. Great idea. They are just beautiful, much better than what can be purchased here.

Junebug said...

Urns - BEAUTIFUL!!! Gorgeous color in your yard. I just planted my daf's but not as many as you!!! So glad you are felling better!!!

Alison said...

Spray paint on sedum flowers is such a brilliant idea. The urns will be so colorful all winter, I bet. And all those daffodils will look wonderful in the spring. I'm so glad to hear you are doing more, and feeling more energetic.

Sandy said...

Hi Karen, your gardens are just amazing in the Fall and I'm sure your photos do not do it justice...
I wanted to thank you for your message today and I'm doing really well really. I've been off from blogging for a few months, traveling to visit my kids mostly.. did Alaska then Oklahoma and then East Side of Florida.. my three kids expect this each year if they don't come to me... but I'll get my self together soon and post again...
you must be getting ready for the first snow fall soon... I need to read a few of your posts to be sure all is well with you...
Thanks again for thinking of me.

Beth said...

Your urns look fantastic, Karen, and your header photo is so beautiful! You must have something like 752,938 trees on your property! What a gorgeous place, Karen. Glad you're feeling better and enjoying the autumn beauty.
Hugs, Beth

El Gaucho said...

Your decorated urns look very cool indeed, I'm impressed. I'm not normally a crafty, spray paint things type of dude, but the arrangement in all those urns looked great and would be a welcome burst of winter color.

Carolyn ♥ said...

You've had a busy day... don't do too much... glad your feeling a bit better.

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

I just love your beautiful gardens.
I am a new follower and are so excited to find your blog.
I feel for you - my knees are gone from working in the yard so much. I point to what I want planted to the gardener and he helps me out.
Stop by and see my garden.
Have a great week.

Netty said...

Your gardens are gorgeous through all the seasons, something I need to work on in my own gardens. Your Urns look fabulous too. Thanks for your comment on my page, unfortunately I am still unable to respond to comments on my own blog! I hope to have that all figured out very soon. It seems I may have crossed the bridge from fall into winter here already :(

Betsy said...

Totally love the urns and wonderful idea about spraying the plants to give them some color.
I Love those chickens, curious about what is going on.
You really work hard and it shows, your surroundings are gorgeous. So good to hear you are feeling better to be able to get out among so much beauty and take care of chores.
I will be raking all week and then put more Christmas lights up before the weather turns real cold.

outlawgardener said...

Wow! Everything you do is gorgeous! Love what you've done with your urns for winter and the metal work in your garden is fabulous.