Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Gardening Is Not a Hobby

This past weekend in Wisconsin was glorious, truly the best of October's bright blue weather abounded.  We're still living frost-free at the ol' Quarry Garden, though from the forecast, not for much longer; Friday night will probably put some frost on the pumpkins. 

The petunias are blooming their pink bubblegum heads off, it's going to be sad to see them ended for the year.  I could cover some of them, and probably will, but it's only delaying the inevitable.  I should be decorating the urns for winter and getting all the annuals I want to save hauled in, but I'm not ready for summer to end just yet. 

And contrary to my last post where I declared 'tourist season' officially over here, I was wrong.  I received a call today from a lady who toured the garden in July.  It turns out she is a member of a bicycle group and they would like to come here to see the garden.   I told the organizer that it's anyone's guess as to what this place will look like by then, but she said it doesn't matter.   We forgot to discuss inclement weather, but barring that event, I can look forward to approximately fifteen cyclists next Tuesday morning. 

My mother continually asks, "Did you ever think for one minute that your garden would become what it is?"

Mom is still hanging in there, but at 95, she has a hard time remembering recent events.  Her health is still pretty good, but there are more and more memory lapses.  We have been 'doctoring' (as she likes to call it) quite a bit more lately due to various aches and pains that seem to come and go.  Still, to be in her shape (at 95!) would be a dream come true for me. 

"Well, I'm not sure what the garden is, exactly, Mom," is my standard reply. "I guess it's a hobby gone wild."

"How do they find out about your place, anyway?" Mom asks, almost every day now.

"Oh, word gets around, you know how that goes," I tell her. 

"Do you know where they all come from?  You should have them sign a book."

She's right, I should.  I did have a guest book about ten years ago, but some people weren't thrilled when I'd ask them to sign it, so I stopped.  I guess I shouldn't have, it would be really interesting to see how many people walked through this one-time alfalfa field over the years. 

Mom recently repainted this little garden lantern for me.
 "Well, who would think a hobby would interest so many people," Mom said.  "That sure is something."

On Sunday another lady who had been here on one of the bus trips in August called and asked if she could come for a tour with some family members.  When they arrived, she was happy to see the petunias were still going strong and asked if it was ok to take more pictures.  She said she'd entered pictures of our garden in her local county fair but there were some issues. 

"Oh, why was that?" I asked.

"I entered your garden pictures in the 'Hobby' Category," she said.  

"Well, maybe didn't they like petunias." I said.

"No, it wasn't the flowers, it was the category I entered them in.  According to the judges, gardening is not a hobby."

So there we have it, folks. Whatever you do in your garden, be it flowers or vegetables or both, the judges have spoken:

Gardening is not a hobby. 

Great.  Now I have to find one.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Gardening is a lot of work, especially your beautiful one.

Glad to hear your Mom is still going strong at her age. That's amazing.

I loved all of your pictures and wish you and Carl a happy fall.

Love and hugs to you both ~ FlowerLady

Karen said...

Rainey, thank you, dear! You're right, gardening is a lot of work, as you well know. So I guess I should be relieved to hear it's not a hobby, right? :-)

PlantPostings said...

Gardening is a healthy way of life, right? Karen, you are such a good writer. I always want to read your posts all the way through! Thanks for sharing your wit and talent, and your great stories!

outlawgardener said...

Your garden is breath taking, glorious, a thing of beauty! Too bad you have to find a hobby now:)

Karen said...

Beth, I agree, gardening is a healthy way of life, what could be better than being out in the fresh air and sunshine? Even if it's not a hobby. Thank you for visiting!

outlawgardener, thank you, you're too kind. (Now I'm off to search for a new hobby. Sigh.)

Alison said...

I agree with FlowerLady that gardening is work. Maybe the stained glass is your hobby? So glad to hear your mom is still going.

Karen said...

I think you're right, Alison, I'll stick with the stained glass as a hobby. Good idea!

Carol said...

Your garden is still looking great!!Mine is suffering from extreme neglect this year but hopefully to able get back into it more next year . So glad your mother is doing so well ♥ I have watched my parents slid down the slippery path of old age at a greater speed this year. It scares me :(

Shirley said...

While gardening can be a lot of work, I still think of it as a hobby. Does anyone get such a sense of peace and serenity, a good work out, and get to play in the dirt with cheerful abandon at work? I love your garden!!

africanaussie said...

Every year your garden just seems to get better and better. That hot pink is amazing. I think what you do is a labour of love - call it hobby or not. What amazes me is that you entice all this loveliness out from soil that is covered with snow for half the year!

Karen said...

Carol, I know it doesn't take long for the garden to get out of hand if we're busy with other things. And I know what you mean about your parents, it is indeed scary.

Shirley, I agree, gardening is a wonderful past-time.

Africanaussie, thank you. And the snow isn't very far away, it always sneaks up on me. :-)

Pam's English Garden said...

I haven't visited your blog for a while, Karen, and boy, I missed a lot! Your garden is more stunning than ever! And you are as funny as ever! There were several tours came here this summer, but I didn't have as many as you I'm sure, and my garden is much smaller than yours. I found it a lot of work though so maybe gardening is not a hobby. But nobody pays me to do it??!!?? I think if it isn't a hobby I should be paid.
I wont leave it too long before I return. P. x

Karen said...

Hello Pamela! I agree, we should get paid! :-)

Stephen Andrew said...

I disagree with these judges! A hobby challenges you--pleasing you while it annoys you. What could sum up gardening better?! Love these photos. And sorry to hear your mom is having a little more trouble. Regardless, she is a specimen! Love her artwork.