Monday, April 3, 2017

What's Next? Part 17 Spring Planning

April has arrived already.  Where has the time gone?  After supper I go out for a short walk at night while Carl sits with Mom.  The sunsets have been very pretty (when the sun shines, which isn't often.)

 I'm not a morning person, and I know I miss spectacular sunrises as a consequence, but being a creature of the night has its perks, too.

   My seeds arrived a month ago and I'm getting anxious to get things growing.  Around here, our last expected frost date is June 1, so I still have time to get my annual flower seeds planted.  Joel helped Carl get the greenhouse components out of Mom's old machine shed last Wednesday.  We were also treated to a visit from Joel and Audrey mid-week.  Mom just lights up when she sees Audrey.
Playing the organ with Great Grandma!

 Mom's been spending time coloring pictures since she's been living here, but I know she was missing her painting projects.  Her eyesight isn't clear enough to work on very detailed statuary, so I remembered the pine cones I'd saved last fall for a possible wreath project.  I retrieved her paints and prepared some pine cones for her by cutting the cones down to size with my Felco pruners.  Mom was thrilled to be able to paint again and I'm happy to see her hard at work.

 We're going to make a wreath and maybe glue some to styrofoam balls and make hanging decorations.

On Saturday, Carl and I assembled the greenhouse while Mom was working on painting pine cones in the house.  I can see her from the driveway, so it worked out fairly well.  In between times, I would go in and ask her if she needed anything.  She's able to walk behind her wheelchair for short trips which is a good thing, but I like to know when she's up and about to be on the safe side.  We're still looking at options to alert me to Mom's movements when I'm outside since she's loathe to notify me using the doorbell button. 
Some frisky (pesky!) raccoons somehow managed to destroy the plumbing fittings for the hot water trays, so Carl has to repair the lines.   I'm going to start filling flats with soil and will probably plant my seeds in the kitchen so Mom won't be alone.  She'd love to help plant, but her eyesight isn't quite good enough for the job.  Maybe she'll be able to plant the marigolds; they are quite large.
On Sunday, the three of us went to Fleet Farm for wire for an upcoming bizarre project which I'll write about if it comes to fruition, and chicken feed.  Mom seems to like riding around in the stores.  On our way home, we stopped at Stein's and bought seedling mix soil and some new flats.  

I was awed by a display of orchids; I've never tried growing them, but they are tempting.
  I managed to avoid purchasing the exotic orchids, but the lily just had to come home with us.
 There's no doubt about these bulbs growing, they're already out of the package.  There's always room for lilies around here.

But even if I don't get any flower seeds planted this year, at least I'll have Mom's work to display.


Sue said...

You do such thoughtful things for your mom. You truly are a blessing to her.

And you have a STEINS hear you?????
I've read about them in a trade journal. They're one of the TOP greenhouses in the country. Oh Karen---do a post on them sometime. I'd LOVE to see pics of that place in full STUFFED TO THE GILLS in May glory

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Those pine cones are sweet and you just know they were painted with love and joy in your Mom's heart.

Little Audrey is a doll.

Happy Spring dear Karen ~ Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

Peonies & Magnolias said...

So glad your Mom can see well enough to paint again, love those pinecones and they will look great as wreaths or hanging around!!! Sounds like things might be on a more even keel, I sure hope so. Keeping y'all in my thoughts and prayers. Sending hugs.

outlawgardener said...

Your mom's cones are beautiful! Glad her eyesight has come back a bit and that she's getting around some. Never too many lilies!

Alison said...

You are ingenious at finding projects that your mom can do to keep her occupied. The pine cones are so colorful and bright and cheerful! There's always room for lilies here too. Stupid raccoons -- the bane of my garden. So sorry they're plaguing you too.

Bonnie K said...

You are an amazing woman. I appreciate what you are doing for your mother. Mty single greatest regret in life is I was too far away to do those things with my Grandmother when she got Alzheimer's. Stay strong.

Ellie's friend from canada said...

I love the pine cones! It's nice to see a routine emerging and to know that you can
go for evening walks! Enjoy spring!

chavliness said...

It's inspiring to see how you come up with activities your mom can participate in, even in a small way. The painted cones are fun, I may just borrow the idea :-)