Friday, June 23, 2017

What's Next? Part 22: Gazebo Moving: The Video!

At long last, the much-anticipated time-lapse video of:

The Great Gazebo Move of 2017!

 Architect/Builder/Foreman:  Carl
Technical Advisor: Tom
Tractor Driver:  Joel 
Chainsaw Wrangler:  Joel  
Shovel Operators: Joel, Tom
 Rope Handler/Gazebo Balancing Expert:  Mary
Telescoping Handler Driver: Warren
Technical Assistant in Charge of Chains and Alignment: David
Lead Go-fer:  Karen
 Video/Photography Credits:
 Producer: Joel 
Videographer: Joel 
Editor: Joel  
  Chickens (in alphabetical order): Ashley, Gloria, Sarah
Filmed on location at Quarry Garden
In Loving Memory of Grandma Lucille 


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

How cool was that!!!! Do you know what I loved in this little video, the chickens following you all over. :-)

To see the gazebo plopped down onto it's new base which is surrounded by flowers is really amazing. Like I said in my last comment, it looks like it has always been there.

Great job, all of you! FlowerLady

outlawgardener said...

Oh my goodness, you folks sure do stuff quickly in your neck of the woods! I'm amazed that the gazebo was set down so gently that the flowers in front were intact at the end. Amazing. Ashley, Gloria, and Sarah stole the show with their antics! What fun this was to watch! Thank you!

Ellie's friend from canada said...

This was great fun to watch. Sorry your Mom was not present but she was there in spirit, cheering you along! I love how you had planted everything last fall I think so it looks like the plants were always there! Kudos to the production team, advisors, foreman/architect/builder and all involved.
Perhaps a gazebo christening/moving party is called for? Thanks for the video. It has given me ideas.

chavliness said...

Seeing chickens going to work, pecking away at the newly exposed area just cracked me up!

Karen said...

Rainey, thank you! The Girls are very industrious, aren't they?

Karen said...

Peter, yes, it was really amazing to have daffodils still waving in the breeze after we set the gazebo down. True 'instant gratification'. The Girls were excited to help. :-)

Karen said...

Ann, I think it was the most satisfying job we've ever done around here, to tell the truth. We were all happy with the end result, and that doesn't happen all the time. I do feel close to Mom when I'm in the garden. :-)

Karen said...

chavliness, I know, the Girls are super-workers, I wish I had their energy. I'd love to put a pedometer on them and see their mileage by the end of the day. :-)

Garden Fancy said...

Very cool Gazebo-moving video -- that's not something you see every day! :-) I'm glad you were able to move it a more advantageous spot -- I hope you enjoy having it there. Best, -Beth