Thursday, February 4, 2010

Decisions, decisions

One of the things I've learned in my experiences with  lampshade-making is the importance of background glass.  The color, texture and shading of the background makes a huge difference in the final product. 

My favorite color for backgrounds is evident in the Peony, Waterlily, Flowering Lotus and Floral Bouquet shades which have all been blue; with a touch of red, green and purple if possible..  I departed from this color scheme a bit with the petite Iris lamp; using an Oceana mottle glass in bluish purple to green and yellow tints. Both Carl and Joel feel the Iris background glass is a bit blase', but I still tend to disagree; I think it's a refreshing change from my usual repertoire.  I love Youghiogheny Wisteria C and used it in both the Peony and Floral Bouquet.  Some sheets have absolutely fantastic color combinations almost too pretty to cut! 

So, we have one repeat nearly done for the Poinsettia and I'm deciding on background.  We wanted it to be a dark lamp to fit with the winter season.  I brought the easel upstairs this afternoon to photograph it in the sunlight and am still undecided on whether I'll go with this glass or not.  I was kind of put off by how orange the flowers looked in the photographs, but came to find out since the sun was setting, it was a very yellow, intense light which may have contributed to the orange tint.  I'm going to try and photograph it tomorrow morning in the south window again. 

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LC said...

This is impressive! It really doesn't look orange on my computer,but rather a very realistic poinsettia color... I am quite impressed!! This is going to be a beauty.... LC