Friday, February 19, 2010

How many more?

In case you've been wondering, yes, the poinsettia lamp is coming along.  I was going to post some pictures but it will have to wait until tomorrow. 

My mother came down here so I could give her a perm today.   We finished up around noon and then I read her the blog posting about her day of 'rest'.  She was horrified. 

"What would your father say?  It sounds like he wasn't there at all!" Mom was really flustered.

I calmed her down and told her I'd write more about Dad soon; and not to worry because:

A. Dad is no longer with us
B. Nobody reads this blog anyway
C. It was the truth.

She thought about those three facts for awhile and seemed a little relieved.  Then she chuckled a bit and said, "You know, I forgot about all that work until just now.  We did work hard, didn't we?"

I told her, yes, SHE did work harder than any of us, but she tsked-tsked that sentiment away.  "You did all the field work and barn chores, too." 

Ok, Mom, yes, I did help too, but the success of the farm rests squarely on her little shoulders.

Mom hasn't been here in a few weeks and was surprised to see the poinsettia shade laid out on an old glass patio table top on our dining room table while I've been foiling for the past seven days. 

"How many does this make, now?" she asked.

"How many lamp shades, do you mean?" I asked.  This is number six."

"Six!  Oh, my," she sighed.  "Well, they are pretty, though."

I have to back up a little and tell you that Mom is not quite sure what is wrong with us when it comes to the stained glass obsession.  One lamp was fine; two lamps were ok, three lamps were, shall we say, 'pushing it' and the fourth lamp was indicative of an underlying mental derangement in her eyes, though she has a polite way of suggesting such a thing. 

After the iris lamp (number five for those of you counting) was done this past summer, she outright asked me if we were going to quit with the lamps already. 

"You're going to run out of room to put them," she observed.

But then I pointed out the ceiling fixtures all devoid of stained glass in the kitchen, hallways, bedrooms, etc.and reminded her that Joel (and maybe even David) wants them for heirlooms.  She seemed a little doubtful of those facts, but once again, sighed and said, "Oh well, I suppose you could make a 'few' more.  I guess you could have a worse hobby."

I told her we'd like to get one more shade done before spring,  though which one we will tackle is still undecided yet.  Joel has an idea for one which promises to be a challenge.  I've yet to design my own, but do want to give it a try in the future. 

  At hearing my latest declaration of insanity, she smiled and headed out the door to her Buick, put it in reverse and skillfully manuevered out of our driveway and onto the road.  89 and still independent.  I hope to be that lucky.  Mom never fails to brighten my day.  (And she looks pretty snazzy with her new 'do, too!)

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