Friday, September 24, 2010

Windy Friday and a Wedding

 After all of the rain we had on Thursday, the wind picked up tremendously overnight and by Friday morning, we had heavily overcast skies with intermittent spitting rain and wind gusts destined to blow the leaves off the trees even before the leaves changed colors.

Oh, it was windy today, unbelievably so! and look what it blew into our yard around 4:30PM!!??........

Look, it's a Bride and Groom!

Yes, the bride is a very tiny girl, but the wind didn't lift her off the ground, good golly, this was planned.   Their photographers were taking action shots (which I'm sure turned out much better than ours did).    I'm just being goofy.  

This young couple contacted us awhile back and asked if they could take some pictures in the yard for their big day and we happily obliged.  Even though we don't know the two personally, it's fun to have wedding couples come for photos; I sometimes wish we had life-size statues in the yard, because after the wedding parties are gone, the place seems so empty.  It's nice to see the joint jumpin' every now and then. 

Carl and I went out to work in the gardens right after dinner today and I mowed lawn and then we both did some high-speed, last-minute weeding and deadheading in preparation for the wedding party.  We like to have it as tidy as possible for wedding photography, though, in reality, it's not really as much work as a garden walk.  Gardeners are interested in gardens and plants (and they see weeds!) whereas bridal parties are interested in having fun, getting their pictures taken and hoisting a few for the cause, not necessarily in that order.  So, I don't get as stressed out about garden prep for weddings as I do for walks.  I enjoy weddings.  (Oh, that came out wrong, I ENJOY garden walks, too, but worry more about what the garden looks like, oh, never mind, open mouth, insert foot, lol!) 
It was cold this afternoon, with the wind whipping along at 30+ mph, and here comes the bridesmaids with sleeveless gowns, BRRRR!!  Luckily, the photographer made the groomsmen hand their tuxedo coats over to the ladies, so they didn't freeze completely. 
They took this photo out behind the North Quarry hill, not my favorite area in the garden by any means, but the stone ledges make good places for folks to stand.  Carl usually takes photos right along with the professional photographer for our own use, but he respects the pros and just takes his pictures off to one side.  That's why most of our pictures aren't the best in terms of people and their positions.  But they are good enough for us to add to the blog.  (Someday I want to do a stand alone 'Wedding' page.  When I get to it.  Maybe. Oh, and yes, they said it was fine to share their day with my Blog friends!)

As long as we don't lose the professional photographer, we'll be ok.  She was pretty stable on those rocks though. 
Ah, so young, so much life ahead of them....

Here's another different idea the pro's had...they asked the pretty bride to spin around as fast as she could as they photographed her, if you scroll down, you kinda get the effect of her twirling:
What a cute idea!
  At least the rain held off even if the wind didn't.
I took this photo (with the HUGE gazing ball in the way!) just before they left.  The photographer's angle was much better.

All too soon, they were on their way to their reception and on to their new life together.  Congratulations!!!

Like I said, the yard looks better with more people in it.  We should have a wedding every day.

Til next time,


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Karen, what a great photo shoot. You are right, people in the garden always make it look prettier.


Darla said...

I wish my daughter could have her photos taken in your gardens too! Love,love the spinning bride!

Granny Lyn's Garden said...

Think we will have to make a quick road trip next summer between the wedding and reception so we can take the kids pictures in your garden. Which a beautiful backdrop the bride and groom had for their special day !

FlowerLady said...

Karen ~ Thank you for sharing this lovely wedding party shoot with us. It was beautiful and I wish the bride and groom much love and happiness.

As usual, your gardens are wonderful.


Shirley said...

What an awesome opportunity for the newlyweds! Your garden is perfect for wedding photography and your photos here are incredible! Beautiful!

Beth said...

Karen, The photos are fabulous! I had fun looking at them. It is generous of you to share your lovely gardens for the enjoyment of others (including on your blog!)
Hugs, Beth

mysisterdalesgarden said...

Lovely wedding, great photos---have a wonderful life.


Missy said...

It's no wonder they asked to use your garden for their wedding photos. They will have beautiful photos to remember the day and now your garden will be a special place for them forever.

Greenearth said...

What a beautiful wedding. How special to be able to create such precious memories in your garden.

Sandy said...

Every time I come into your blog to look at your beautiful garden it just keeps getting better.. with the wedding party it's just perfect... wonder how the yard would be hurt with all that traffic, if you offered your gardens to weddings (great way to make a bit of money on the side)
Lovely photos!

The Dutch Baker's Daughter said...

How nice of you to provide such a fabulous setting for a wedding. As usual, your garden is beautiful and your pictures are fantastic!

Tootsie said...

awesome photos!!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos and bride. Your garden is so suited for these images. The garden shots will be treasured by the couple for all their married like. Hope it is one that will last.

Karen said...

Thank you all for your kind comments!

Best wishes to the happy couple!

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Wow, I'd like my wedding pictures taken in YOUR yard, too, but it's a little late for me. Your photos may be from a different angle, they are still lovely. You could start a little wedding business, you certainly have a beautiful spot for it.

Zoey said...

Oh, Karen, what a great place for wedding photos. I loved the first pic with the dress flying in the wind.

You are so kind to allow photographers.

Karen said...

Dandelion and Daisy and Zoey, thank you! I am glad their pictures turned out as well as they did; it was just not a very nice day out with such high winds.

Carl and I were talking the other night and we think we've had a little over a dozen wedding parties here since the Quarry garden was sort of done in 2004. We still have one more (possibly two) tentatively scheduled for October...but I don't know what the garden will look like then.

If they come, you will be seeing more photos yet this fall! Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...