Friday, March 25, 2011

Fertilizer Friday: Bloomin' Snow

It's Fertilizer Friday over at Tootsie's again, and there are a whole bunch of gardeners showing off their beautiful blooms, so don't miss the opportunity to see green, growing, flowering plants on the other blogs.  Unfortunately, you're not going to find any of that stuff here, but Tootsie generously lets me slip by with my last few week's offerings.  (She's so kind!)  Just click on the Fertilizer Friday link on my sidebar.

What we have around here is a bunch of bloomin' snow--hard to believe the day before almost all the snow had melted except for areas in the shade.  Here we go out the back door:
 Hey, there's some color, the Dwarf Alberta Spruce by the gazebo are all rusty...guess I should have covered them for the winter....

This is our campfire area...we had one on Saturday.  

 Fantastic snowbanks, this one is over 5' tall.
 The Girls turn their back on the scene.  What is the meaning of this??

Well, let's take a walk around the Quarry and see what's happening out there:

The pond is coming up--that means the water table is on the rise.

Looks like we could go ice skating, doesn't it?   Ah, but looks are deceiving; maybe we could go skinny-dipping with ice bergs if you're into that sort of thing.

I'm not into such indecent things and our neighbors are eternally grateful.

 There are handy twigs to hang your clothes on though. 
Ok, my excuse is Spring Fever, get me to a doctor.  
On second thought, no, NO doctors!  You all know what my track record with the medical profession is like.

Whoopsie, looks like we have a broken limb here:
The tree, that is, not me.  (No need for a doctor.)  I did break my wrist once, about ten years ago.  Talk about was the last week in March and my dog was barking one night, so I went out to see what the problem was.  

I went and got my trusty Cow Flashlight, Rosalie. 
Yes, Carl bought me Rosalie for my birthday ten years ago.  What Farm Girl wouldn't want one?  She is named after the first cow I ever owned.
 When a middle-aged woman is armed with a Cow Flashlight, there is No Way any harm from intruders can come to her.  The Bad Guys see that flashlight and they run (because they know the woman carrying it is not someone they want to mess with.)  
 She's crazy.

I cautiously tiptoed around the side of the house, looking for whatever was driving Teddy dog to bark like a maniac. And yes, like all bad horror flicks, I went alone.  Why do they split up in horror movies?  Everyone knows what happens to the first person who goes alone.  They are always extras and they don't come back. Alive, that is.
 There were no Bad Guys; but there were some raccoon hunters unloading their dogs on the road just past our house that were driving Teddy nuts.
But Something did get me.
It was was a teeny, tiny patch of ice left from winter on one of our stone staircases--I swear the patch was less than 6" x 6" and the Official Last Patch of Ice left in the State of Wisconsin in 2001.  I tiptoed unaware onto the ice and ended up doing a series of acrobatic moves rivaling anything in the Olympics causing me to fling poor Rosalie straight up into the air.
Yes, Cows can fly.  Rosalie was none the worse for wear.  But I had a broken wrist.  And I had to explain to a bemused ER doctor how I came to have a broken wrist on the last day of March.  And I had to wear a cast for six weeks.  A hard blue cast on my right wrist. And I am right-handed.  I had to learn to do everything (eat, write checks, use the ah, restroom facilities, etc. with one hand, my left one.  And it was awful.  The cast, that is.  I dislike casts, don't recommend them.  No fun.
I am a bit ambidextrous now, though.
Rosalie and I don't venture out looking for ice in March any more. 
And when Teddy barks at night, I send him to bed.  
And I never forget that Ice is Shiny and Beautiful and Slippery and

Downright Dangerous.

Fear This, Intruders!!!


Sall's Country Life said...

Ha, I can just see the crazy lady with the cow flashlight!! All of that blooming snow is still pretty! Love the shot of the icicles. You and Rosalie watch your step this spring,please!

Beth said...

It looks pretty, but I know that's not what you're hoping for...I'm sure you are just as anxious as I am for spring. Your gardens are indeed beautiful in all seasons.
blessings, Beth

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Even under snow your gardens are gorgeous!!
Lovin' the flashlight!!!

Alison said...

Love the flashlight! Bummed that your beautiful garden is still under snow. But, I still have pictures of your garden waking up to look forward to! And no, I won't be sick of that stuff by then.

Do you start seeds at all? Or do you buy all your annuals? Either solution works, just wondering...

xinex said...

Wow! It looks so cold but your photos sure are beautiful!..Christine

Willow said...

Wow you are still having winter I see. Spring is coming soon.

Olga said...

Oh, those photos of snow are gorgeous. But I think you must be looking forward to spring so much. And what a story about broken wrist! But I like how you talk about it in a humorous way. It made me smile.

xoxoxo said...

Aha-You crack me up. So glad Rosalie didn't break a wrist too! Someone needs to watch for intruders!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Oh what a bummer! We're cold too but no snow, just some flurries and they melted. My pansies are sleeping and the daffodils and tulips that were coming up are frozen.

I think everything will be okay but it's depressing.


Sandy said...

OH, Karen.. I know Tootsie loves what green you have sticking out of the snow....I wish I could send you some heat and sun... I promise you, it will come! :)
I've been in the 80's for two weeks now and our beaches are full of Northerners....
Come on Spring,, come on Spring!
Sandy said...

I like cows and have a number in the house. I think your flashlight is so cute. We are under snow here again too.

Pam's English Garden said...

Dear Karen, I am still laughing (though I know a broken bone is nothing to laugh about) but I love your flashlight. I know it's no comfort to you, but I have similar scenery in PA ... I am so tired of WHITE! P x

One said...

The girls think they have beautiful backside. They are right! I enjoy watching those girls scattered in your blog.

Those icicles look like tiny weapons.

My garden haven said...

The snow scenes are fantastic...might as well enjoy the beauty of winter before we have to wait another year. From the sweltering tropics,

Darla said...

I would so use a flashlight like this too! I love your stories, your snow? not so much...

Junebug said...

I'm a little slow at getting around to reading blogs but I am laughing my head off at your intruder stalking. Love Rosalie and I'm so glad she is safe. Sorry about the wrist but your pain is my enjoyment, Yikes pretty sad, huh!
Hugs, June

Kelsie From Our Country Home said...

Hey Karen,
Firstly love the cow flashlight...sorry about the wrist though...You poor chickens having to deal with all that snow still...I am glad you stopped by to enjoy our Florida sunshine and blooms this week.

To answer you question about hay mulch I am finding it is working well...Harvest time will tell the rest of the story...I am hoping it will help to keep the strawberries and herb leaves cleaner than if it was just dirt below them...I too love the fact it will break down and add back to my dirt.

Thank you for stopping by...Blessings Kelsie

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Wow, it sure looks like winter your way! So, it was last year you broke your wrist? Ouch!

The Dutch Baker's Daughter said...

Omg..your stories and your pictures are the best! I think this time you finally got more snow than we did. Ugh..can't wait until it's gone...oh, and I love Rosalie!

Btw, I have a little something for you on my blog, if you are interested.


lifeshighway said...

oh no way! I covet your cow flashlight so much that I will be doing an internet search to find one. Once armed with a cow flashlight, I could safely go anywhere as how would accost a lady carrying one of those. She may be touched.

I can't wait for your garden to thaw. You quarry is a delight to my eye and I never tire of looking at your rock work.

The Field of Gold said...

Not for publication. Thankyou for your comments on my blog and our big rabbit.
Great blog you do there yourself.
We just entertained some Wisconsin guests. it's remarkable to see how snowy it is there
Kerry Hand

Anonymous said...

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