Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ah, Hollywood, Part 2

 We interrupt my Spring Crazies Progress Report for another breaking News Bulletin:

Quarry Garden will be on TV.  (And Carl and Karen, too.)

Tomorrow, May 12

And repeating a bunch of times over the rest of the month.

And I will be doing all the talking, well, except for the host. 

Oh, dear..........

Some of you may remember way back in the heat and humidity and mosquitoes of August 2010, Carl and I were interviewed by Shelley Ryan, the host of a public television show, The Wisconsin Gardener.  If you're interested, you can find the link to the post describing the filming here:

After the film crew left, we breathed a sigh of relief.   That was a stressful morning for me.  Believe it or not, I'm much happier behind a keyboard than in front of a camera. 

Even when we give garden tours around here, I tend to get flustered; someone will ask me the name of let's say, a hosta, (and I don't mean the cultivar) no--they want to know what the big 'elephanty-eared thing' is and I have to rack my brains to find the word....'Uh, it's a,, oh, gees, it's on the tip of my tongue...." 

The person asking has long since lost interest and twenty minutes later I blurt out, 'Duh----It's a Hosta!!" which really startles people around me.  I do tend to get many curious looks.

And they put me on TV? 

I guess I should back up the truck here a bit: Carl didn't want to go on camera.  Neither did I.  But one of us had to do the talking.   I haven't seen the footage yet.  I can only imagine what I will look and sound like.  I have this tendency to laugh like a hyena when I'm nervous and it's SO annoying.   I tried very hard not to come off like a goofball for the interview.  The film crew did multiple retakes trying to get me to explain just Why In the World did we want to build a quarry in our back yard and every time I said something wrong.  So I'm hoping they edited out all the bad bits (all the parts with me in them, lol) and just filmed the rocks and the flowers.   

This isn't the first time our garden has gotten us on TV, either.  A few years ago we were part of Green Bay's  annual garden walk and the local TV news came out and filmed two short segments.  (I laughed like a hyena, then, too.  Squirm, squirm.)  I should see if I could post the video, you'd all enjoy watching some silly footage, wouldn't you?   Even I can laugh instead of cry when I view it now, enough time has passed.  Time heals all things, you know. 

And a lot of time passed since we were interviewed last August, too; so we thought maybe they decided against using our segment.  But then, Shelley contacted me several weeks ago to tell me our garden will air on our local Channel 38.1 at 7:00 PM on May 12.  This Thursday.  Oh boy. 

Wisconsin Gardener entitled this episode: Plants for Clay & A Garden That Rocks.  (The Rocks part would be us.) 

Here's a link:  The Wisconsin Gardener 

I thought maybe I could get a sneak preview of how the segment turned out, but no such luck.  All the link shows is a patch of dried up clay (no, that wasn't filmed in our yard, we're all sand) but maybe after it airs on TV, I'll be able to link to actual video for all of our viewing pleasure.

So, think of me (kindly, please) when this airs tomorrow night, I'll be curled up in a ball peeking through my fingers like a kid watching a scary movie.  But it will all be over in five minutes, just like a bad thunderstorm.

Ah, Hollywood, Indeed.

P. S.  The camera adds at least 63 pounds.  I'm really a Size 4.


MorningGlory said...

"The camera adds at least 63 pounds. I'm really a Size 4."

LOL at that. I'll definitely be using that one; sadly 63 pounds still leaves me at a size 10!

FlowerLady said...

What a fun post! I can almost always count on a chuckle besides inspiration when I visit you.

I'm sure your segment will be nice. I hope we will get to see it after it has aired.

Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

Alison said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that after it airs, you can post a link to it, cause I would just love to see it. You are so funny in print, and I'm sure you are too harsh on yourself. I know about the laughing when nervous thing, I do that too. That post from last year when you were getting ready for the filming was right around the time I started following your blog, I think. I recall a post about you trying to decide what to wear. And a rare picture of your mom weeding.

LOL at the camera adding pounds.

Lona said...

You will not get the big head and forget all of will you? LOL! I think that is fantastic Karen. Too bad I cannot get the show. I would love to see it.

xoxoxo said...

Well then to get over your fear of the camera--you should turn this in to a vlog! All KRN all the time!
I agreee--Camera does add 63lbs!

Karen said...

Thank you everyone! I'm really not sure how this will turn out, I guess I'll know by tonight.

Darla said...

I so want to see this!!!!!!!!!
Re: Silver Sage- this is my first year with it. It says it may reseed or make little pups...should I cut the stalk down...sigh

Sandy said...

If they give you a copy of the video.. Please post it for us! I'd love to see it! How exciting for you!!
thanks for your sweet words on my booboo! It hurts deep in the muscle but I'm ok.. hope it's not too blue and yellow, when I board that plane in a few days.. looks ucky!
Remember, post the video!

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Woo Hoo! Maybe, you'll become the next big reality star!!!! Hadn't thought of that, had you? That is so fun! The viewers will be so amazed at all the work you've done and dazzeled by your beautiful garden that they will love you and your nervous laugh...which I can totally relate to. Hope you will be able to share it. Thanks for stopping by.

Tufa Girl said...

Oh, please post the video! I can hardly wait.

Reality tv! That is what you and Carl should have done with latest project. See how many rocks a contestant can move, how much time and what kind of contraption would they use. That would be reality TV.

Randy Emmitt said...

Watched the video last night. Your gardens are wow! You looked like a size 6 to me, close to a 4 anyway. Carl is my hero, he is really handy, the gazebo he built is awesome.

Carol said...

Yee Haw from Tyler, Texas! I have been following your blog for several months and was excited to be able to view your segment of Wisconsin Gardener over the internet. What a world we live in! You did good! What an inspiration you and your family are. I even bought some rocks at an estate sale for my own garden. LOL