Friday, May 13, 2011

Ah, Hollywood: The Video!

 The video of our garden was on our local public television station on Thursday night.  Boy, was I nervous waiting for our bit to come up.  We were at the tail end of the show, the last six minutes or so. 

  I did peek through my fingers as I watched it, but it wasn't as painful as I thought it would be.  The professionals did a great job editing the footage. (There's still way too much of me in it, though.) 

So, with no further blathering on from me, here it is:

My mom wanted to know why Carl didn't get to talk. 

She has a point.......yeah, how come I hogged up the whole thing?

Well, the first problem was the film crew only had one spare microphone and the second problem was Carl didn't want to talk on camera.  Like I said before, I didn't want to talk either, but one of us had to.  I'm glad they added the part with Carl and the dome and the wrecker in action, though.  He deserves all the credit for the gardens; they would not exist on this scale without him and our sons. 

I hope you enjoy the video about a bunch of Crazy Rock People.


Alison said...

That was freaking awesome, Karen! Thanks so much for posting the video, I loved watching it, and hearing your voice. You looked great.

Darla said...

Ditto everything Alison said! Fantastic!!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Karen, I really enjoyed the video, so lovely to see the scope of your property.


Netty said...

Amazing! I also get odd looks when I ask the neighbors for their rocks.
One day I hope my gardens will be worthy of being on TV too :)

The Dutch Baker's Daughter said...

Awesome video! I hope you don't mind that I shared it. I had to brag. :D

KK said...

i enjoyed the video karen. you looked great! i watched it twice because i wanted to see the beautiful rocks again. a little bit at a time, i have been buying small river rocks (18 cents a pound) for my little yard. i love rocks. your land is spectacular!

Karen said...

Alison and Darla, thank you very much. It's really odd hearing myself talk, "Do I really sound like that?" I asked Carl. "Yup." Oh, dear.

Eileen, thank you!

Netty, I'm glad I'm not the only one asking for rocks, my neighbors really did think we were nuts. I think your garden is TV worthy right now!

xoxoxo said...

Wow! How strange to hear your voice--it is so different than the voice in my head ;) I too hate my recorded voice... I wonder if we all are like that?
fantastic video--your gardens sure are amazing especially in 3D!

Karen said...

Cathy, thank you for sharing the video. You're such a good friend.

KK, thank you. The rock addiction starts out innocently, so be careful, they're like potato chips, you just can't stop at one, can you? I'm glad you enjoyed the video.

April, I am SO sorry my voice is in your head poor girl. I am much larger in 3D, too. Thank you! :-)

FlowerLady said...

Oh Karen ~ I just loved that video of you, Karl and your beautiful gardens. thank you so much for posting the link. It was really neat to hear your voice and I think you did very well.

DH and I like rocks too, but don't have the collection that you do. :-) You've really created a place of beauty and peace.

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

Pam's English Garden said...

Dear Karen, The video is awesome! Seeing and hearing you makes me feel I know you personally, and that's an honor. You sound like you have been making TV appearances all your life. Your garden is stunning! Mine seems very small in comparison.Thank you so much for sharing the video. P. x

Sandy said...

Now I'm totally impressed Karen with you and your yard.. you two also do stained glass.. whow!
Wonderful segment!

Anonymous said...

This video is wonderful, you did a great job. It is nice to 'meet' you all over again. The interviewer said the property is gorgeous and it really, really is. How does it feel to be a celebrity now?

Betsy said...

I found your blog through another and have enjoyed visiting. I enjoy gardening and need to get back to it when it stops raining. Stained glass I love also.
Have a good evening

Karen said...

FlowerLady, I'm so glad you enjoyed the video. It's too bad Carl didn't want to talk, I told him if this ever happens again (not likely) he's up next.

Pam, you are so kind, thank you! The editors did a wonderful job making me sound coherent. Would you believe it took 4 HOURS to film the little segment? They were very patient with me!

Karen said...

Sandy, thank you, but you really need to have your own TV show, not just a segment-I would tune in every week to see what you're going to tackle next.

Donna, thank you. Oh, I won't be signing too many autographs, I'm afraid my fame is fleeting, but it was fun. You should have a TV show too, your talent is amazing.

Hello Betsy, glad you enjoyed your visit and I'm happy to meet you.

HolleyGarden said...

Wow - I was just mesmerized by that video. What a beautiful garden. I loved all the different areas, and was amazed how much work you and your family have put into this. And that gazebo! I didn't realize it was hand made - I'm impressed. Loved the little fountain, too. Well, I loved it all. The plantings all look so natural. You should be very proud, and I'm so glad your garden is getting some of the attention it deserves.

Zoey said...

You did a great job! I called my husband in to see it and bragged about how you (being such a celebrity) visit my lowly little garden blog all the time. I am living vicariously through your television fame! :)

He is amazed at all the work you two have done.

You do deserve recognition for all that the two of you have accomplished!

Tufa Girl said...


Hey, where is that Wisconsin twang?

Karen said...

HolleyGarden, thank you. I wish we had enough time to make some more stuff for around the yard; Carl has a whole shed full of ideas but not enough time to get them all done.

Zoey, now c'mon, I'm going to get a big head here. Thank you!

Tufa Girl, I tried to sound all Wisconsin-y, but I must have failed; what I sound like is Nasal.

Peonies & Magnolias said...

Just awesome. Your gardens are gorgeous and thanks for posting the link. I enjoyed it so much. Have a great week.


Karen said...

Thank you very much, Sandy!

lifeshighway said...

karen, you have the most beautiful garden that I have ever seen, and that is not hyperbole.

I have seen pieces, sneak peaks and glimpses but the entire quarry garden is breathtaking beyond words.

I think the camera crew did a good job capturing your quarry but can only imagine how more beautiful it must be in person.

Thank you for sharing.

I am in awe.

Lynn said...

Your garden is awesomely amazing! No wonder they put it on television! It makes mine look puny. I am inspired now and We DO have plenty of rocks on our property. Good to meet you, Karen. I am Dutch too. and Irish.

Karen said...

lifeshighway, if you ever take a road trip to WI please know you are more than welcome to visit. If you did score rocks on TYAG, I just know we would have been in the running for an all-time record. :-) Thank you!

Lynn, thank you, I wish my garden was a little smaller, we're working on cutting it down to a more manageable size. The rocks help by cutting down on the weeding area which is a win-win!

Ginny said...

Karen, that was absolutely wonderful! The next best thing to actually being there!

Jester said...

OH MY GOD!!!! I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO just fell in love all over again with your gardens!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if I ever get the far west I am so stopping by & camping in your backyard!!! I so awestruck I can't even put into words what I'm thinking, its just pure LOVE!!!
How on earth do you maintain all that??? You are so lucky to have a husband who is an optimist AND likes to help you to!!!! Martha needs to take a hike, as far as I'm concerned you are the new Queen! "Queen of the Quarry"..hmmm sounds pretty damn good to me!!!!XXOO

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Thank you so much for sharing the video! Your garden is just incredible and such a lucky woman to have a talented, hard working husband....who can keep up with you! I love the water feature, ah heck, I love all of it...the gazebo is pretty darn cool, too. WOW! By the way, you came off like you do TV interviews everyday.

Beth said...

Karen, I loved watching this and getting more of the beautiful views of your property. Thanks for sharing!
Blessings, Beth