Sunday, October 23, 2011

How It's Going: New Rocks!

As Charlie promised, on Friday afternoon, our new rocks arrived right on schedule.  Click on the arrow to view the action!

There was only one glitch; Charlie thought there would be approximately four loads, but unbeknownst to him, the contractor for the new house being built decided to use most of the rocks for back-filling the basement, so by the time Charlie got there, only one load was left.  (I don't think I'd want big rocks for fill around a house (and can you imagine trying to dig a hole to plant a tree?) but oh, well, us beggars can't be choosers.)  We got the biggest rocks, though, and that was great, though we mourned the burial of the other beauties we saw at the construction site on Monday.  

There's Carl, up on top of the pile right after it was dumped with Joel in the background.  Joel and Allison were here in time to see the spectacle of the rocks being dumped.  It is really something to see and feel; the earth literally moves when the stones hit the ground and the noise they make sliding out of the steel dumptruck box is akin to a whole mess of fingernails scratching a chalkboard.  Music to my ears and a delight for the senses.  (Ok, so you have to love rocks to know what I mean.) 

This is so easy compared to bringing rocks home one at a time.  We have been known to poke around in road construction sites, especially up in Waupaca when they have to blast to get through their beautiful red granite.  The road crews leave piles of it everywhere, and we have hauled many a rock home on our trailer after come-alonging it up the deck.  Having stone delivered feels like cheating, but it sure is fun.

Of course, Ma and Pa have to pose on top of the pile.

And, of course, Joel had to climb the windmill tower to get a good aerial view.
Right away, Carl and I pick out our favorites and start to dream about what we will build with this new stuff.  There's everything from flat limestone to round granite boulders in this pile, so it will be alot of fun to explore the contents as we pull it all apart. 

But, we interrupt this pipe dream and return to our previously scheduled project:
Do you see it there, in the middle of the picture?  
Ooops....where did it go?  Joel decided to take a look around the east side of the farm....looks like the corn is ripe, doesn't it?  Our farm extends all the way to the next road on the other side of the corn field,  ninety-eight acres total.  This is the east forty pictured.

Oh, there's Castle Aaargh.  We plumb forgot about it for minute there while we were basking in the joy of new rocks.  But duty calls: Dutiful Carl went back to work on the job at hand. 

I didn't.  I wasn't done basking just yet.  Did you ever see the pictures of people posing with their dead deer/moose/bear/trophy-sized carcasses in the paper?  Did you ever hear of the 'Boone and Crockett' records?  I think if you shoot an antler-y thing, you have to have an antler-spread with more than fifty points, or if it's a bear or some non-antler-y thing, it has to weigh a ton or something to break a record (ok, I exaggerate) but anyway, I was goofy again and told Joel to take my picture holding one of my trophy rocks:

Seriously, this is a trophy and I done killed it.
The trick is to Look Serious as you hold your trophy's head up off the ground, usually by it's antlers.  Well, this rock didn't have any antlers, but I did my best to look serious anyway.

Ok, Serious Looks don't last long with me...
It would look more impressive if I had the biggest rock in the pile on my lap, wouldn't it?  And doncha just love them happenin' knee pads??
Charlie told us about some more rocks a lot closer to home than these were, so that night we took a quick ride over to see the new candidates just before dark.  We're not sure, but we think we may be getting some more rocks, so maybe I'll have a chance to get into the Boone & Crockett record books yet with a trophy! 

In the meantime, Castle Aaargh is calling our name.  

Quit dreaming and get back to work!  The castle won't build itself, ya know.

I sure hope there's more of this in our future, though.

A girl can dream, can't she?


Zoey said...

Oh, what beauties they are! Too bad you didn't get them all, but I am sure you will make something great with the ones you did get.

That was a nice picture of you holding the rock. I think it should be a part of your header.

Sandy said...

I have been a lover of rocks for years but not to this extent. That is one load you had delivered! Now to make something wonderful with them.
You two are amazing to say the least! Love your trophy photo!
I'll always be returning to watch the rocks turn into something of Love!

Rosemary said...

Your love affair is clear! some might love chocolate, some might love a night on the town , some might love new pair of shoes but no you are in love with rocks! and perhaps flowers come in second.......Love shows in your Quarry Garden.

Darla said...

I just wonder what project you will come up with next!

FlowerLady said...

Dear Karen ~ You and Carl look so happy with your newest load of rocks. Those things are heavy too and a real job to move around. We know, because we have 'some rocks' too, that we got for free when the highway was built out front our our little cottage and property.

I love those pictures of you with joy spread across your face.

I love the wonderful view of part of your property, absolutely beautiful to this lady and her DH.

Have a great weekend there at Quarry Gardens. I am so glad I met you via the web so many years ago.


Junebug said...

Oh, what proud parent you two are with you new arrival. I'm glad to see you took Mom and your newest pictures for the album. I'm sure you will create happy memories as time passes! Oh the mothers love! Have a great week!

Lona said...

That Joel knows how to get a picture. LOL! Brave fella to climb so high so we all can see the lay of the land.
LOL! Only you would consider a rock a trophy. LOL! Looks like you will have a lot more beauties to build the aargh with.
Have a wonderful weekend working. That sounds awful. LOL!

Alison said...

I definitely prefer the pictures of you smiling, knee pad fashion statement that you are! Love your new pile of rocks, looking forward to seeing what you make with them. Castle Aargh is looking good from a distance.

Kelsie From Our Country Home said...

I am so jealous of all those rocks...but not of all the work they signify lol...well unless your family comes with them to do the work for/with me :)

The Castle is looking great...Yall are so clever.

Blessings Kelsie

Pamela Gordon said...

Those are some seriously sweet pictures of you! You are such a hard worker. I like the view from the windmill - very pretty.

myomyohi said...

You hit the mother load. I love the beauty you were sitting, on, and yeah, pretty much all of them. I would be a giddy schoolgirl! I can't wait to see them in the landscape.

Anonymous said...

Hay girl those kneepads sure add style and finesse to your trophy photos! Lol! Looks like your Christmas and Birthday came all in one load. That must have been one heck of a roar as they tipped out of the trailer. Hope you get some more to go with them then you could build a rock canoe house , rock grotto, rock bench, rock table…. Rock …..Rock ummmmm rock lookout tower for Joel to take photos from.
Have fun.

Randy Emmitt said...


Ahh humm, what happened to downsizing my dear? The round house is looking great.

Karen said...

Yes, I know, I am in need of therapy to overcome this silly addiction. I swear they are worse than potato chips, you can't stop at just one.