Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another history moment

As we went along in the process of making windows, we were introduced to a fellow gardener and glass artisan, Larry.  Larry lives near Oshkosh and has created masterpieces of stained glass over the years.  He specializes in Tiffany Reproduction shades and the sheer volume and the fantastic quality of his work is astounding.  Many homes across the country are graced with Larry's creations.

Larry and his wife, Sarah, hosted a garden walk at their beautiful home (which in itself is a work of art, being a remodeled cheese factory)  and we were treated to an inspirational tour of their stained glass lamp collection.  This was the starting point for trying to make our own lamps.  Larry is very helpful with tips and suggestions and is an excellent mentor.  We're so lucky to have them as friends.

Through Larry, we then met Bonnie and her husband, Mike who live near Milwaukee in another beautifully restored schoolhouse filled with antique furniture they have lovingly refurbished.  Bonnie has an absolutely stunning collection of her own Tiffany reproductions and also her own original designs (her Lily Lamp is so beautiful!)   In fact, the Poinsettia shade pattern we are using right now came from Bonnie's talented hands.  We are indebted to her for lending us the pattern to work from.  I only hope our shade turns out half as well as Bonnie's did.

Here is a photo of Bonnie's stunning Poinsettia Shade.

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Cathy said...

That certainly is stunning! And your Parrot design is beautiful. I am in awe of your and Carl's work!