Thursday, January 21, 2010

Last night Joel, Carl and I worked on the squares for the ASGLA quilt.  Carl worked overtime, so he headed up to bed by 10PM, Joel worked on cutting glass rods for the centers of the flowers for me and I tried to foil the little buggers.  Now that I have them all foiled, I'm not certain if this is the color scheme I want or not.  I'm thinking about adding a blue jewel to the center, have to see if I can grind one down to fit.

The blue quilt square above is Carl's.  He is ready to solder tonight.

After Joel was done with the quilt square cutting, he moved on to cutting the Uroboros green mottle glass for the poinsettia leaves.  I did a little bit of grinding last night and started placing the pieces on the glass easel (a pair of old storm windows from my late friend Glendeen). 

 The rest of the day will be spent grinding, as there is a lot of glass already cut out for the poinsettia.

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