Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not much progress to report

This weekend I had all good intentions of getting to work on the Poinsettia shade, but the road to you know where is often paved with good intentions, right?  I did manage to grind a few more flower pieces for the first repeat, but beyond that, not much else to report.

The reason for the delay is, happily enough, because we have had company all weekend.  We are truly blessed with friends of all ages.  This weekend was spent with friends of Joel's dropping in here and there and teaching people how to play Sheepshead...we had a great time.

On Tuesday,  I must get back to the shade.  Carl was working on the hardware for the Flowering Bouquet shade which hangs over our dining room table all weekend.  He has made some beautiful handmade chain and handwrought brass hooks for the mounting hardware.  Can't wait to see it installed.  We have to start taking pictures for consideration for the ASGLA calendar soon, because time is running out; February 1 is next Monday!

 Here is as far as I got with the grinding on the Poinsettia flowers this weekend.

The pattern below shows one half of the design:

Some of the green glass I'm using for leaf selection:

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