Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I didn't get as far on the shade today as I wanted to, though I did finish laying out the leaves and stem patterns for the first repeat.  This morning was taken up with laundry and other housekeepering chores.  I told Carl it would be nice if I could get a clone of myself to get the mundane work done around the house. 

I've been rereading the book 'A New Light on Tiffany' which deals with the history of Tiffany Studios.  Clara Driscoll is on my mind a lot lately; it was she who was responsible for many (or most) of Tiffany's stained glass lamp shade designs.  It stated in the book that she lived in boarding houses for much of her adult life which would enable her to concentrate on the work at hand.  Carl suggested we move into a boarding house.  Not a bad idea.

Joel ended up taking his car into the dealership yesterday because it was acting up.  Turned out a mouse colony had moved in under his hood, chewing off a whole bunch of important wires to the tune of a repair bill for $176.  We looked at our car (which is the same model) and yup, same thing with ours.   Now the garage is a land mine of mouse traps to negotiate.  Always something!

Dale was our only company for supper this evening, which was a change from the near-constant company we've been entertaining.  I played Sheepshead Monday night until midnight with Ann and Vanessa which was fun.  Tonight I was able to do some grinding on the flowers and the aforementioned layout work.  It is going to be very cold the next few days, so I'll have to figure out some way to get some exercise, too. 

Below is a sheet of what we call 'demon glass' around here (if you have a vivid enough imagination, you may be able to see a red 'demon' facing the right side of the sheet in this piece of glass).  This is the red glass I am using for the poinsettia, along with some highlights of the purple, too.  This piece is already used up, glass goes very quickly.  Lucky for us, we have a few more sheets of this color in stock. 

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