Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fertilizer Friday, October 29

Though the flowers are far from perfect right now, I'm appreciating the ones I have left.  All too soon there will be no pinks, reds, yellows, oranges or blues outside to greet me.   There's a few things left that aren't frozen or completely windblown beyond recognition, but this is the end of the growing season for the annuals in the River Bed:
I was amazed at how large the castor beans (on the left side of the picture) grew.  I hope their seeds are mature enough to harvest.  These were the 'blue' castor beans given to me by my nursery owner friend, Brenda.
 Profusion Cherry Zinnias, displaying all the stages of bloom.

 Leaves in the Pan Fountain
A little flash of Blue Butterfly Delphinium--it's out of focus, but it's so blue!
Bosnian Pine in the Quarry with the remnants of the clouds from the Big Storm

Even the Fountain Lady's flowers are fading a bit more every day.  This is only one petunia plant, Supertunia 'Bubblegum Pink', I will be growing more of them next year.  I hope the seed will be available one day soon!

Long shot of the Quarry Pond--lots of flowers to remove for winter.
And, my only attempt at Halloween Decorating this fall; very pitiful considering all the beautiful displays I've seen on other blogs!
Joel grew some 'Lumina' pumpkins this year that didn't get a chance to ripen to white, but they are very pretty, even in
pale green.
  Pale green seems to be the best description of what color I would use to describe myself this past month. Today was yet another unexpected day spent away from home 'doctoring' again.  Oh, well, ruled out a whole bunch of stuff, so eventually we might find out What It Is. 
 I can always hope, right?!
Between a rock and hard place, tough place to be.
My heartfelt thanks to David, for being my advocate and chauffeur and for his loving concern today-- more than a mother could ask for.  To Joel, for his encouragement and devotion; to Ann, for her friendship this morning and always, and going to bat for me with the doctor; and of course, to Carl, for his love.   

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Anonymous said...

That is a lot of flowers. I was surprised to see so many. Your pumpkins on the wall look great. My favorite are the white ones, but this year I have an ordinary orange one. Too warm to carve it, not even sure it will make Halloween.

Shirley said...

Your garden is so amazing. Rest assured you don't need embellishments beyond what you did with the great luminous pumpkins for Halloween! The grasses, flowers, the pond area, all look great. Hope you find answers soon. Have a great and restful weekend.

Darla said...

I am enjoying your gardens through all of the stages. Love those pumpkins too!

FlowerLady said...

Here we have another wonderful tour of your lovely gardens. The white pumpkins are pretty.

I sure hope you are feeling better soon Karen. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Karen, you still have a lot going on for this time of year. I love that photo of the Quarry with all the rocks. I gre bubblegum petunia this year also it was great.


Mary said...

Your quarry fountain is beautiful and I love your pumpkins. I like the more subtle display. ;)

Thanks for stopping by!


Dragonfly Treasure said...

Your garden is so beautiful, especially for this time of year. I;m always in awe of all your 'rocks'...I have a thing for them ;)

Praying the Drs figure this out. Hang in there and if you don't get answers keep moving on. Amother Dr may know what is going on.
Sending (((healing hugs)))

Greenearth said...
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Greenearth said...

Your garden is so beautiful and your photos really make one feel they are there. Love my visits.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Farah Muzaffar said...

Very beautiful garden with every aspect of a good garden, very lovely.. thanks for stopping by me and give me such nice comments...Love