Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stalking Pictures

I was out taking pictures for the blog a few days ago and Carl decided to take a few pictures of his own---

of me, (good grief!) taking pictures of the garden.

 Here I am, on the North Quarry Hill, taking pictures of:

 Cushion spurge Euphorbia 'First Blush' --fantastic plant still looking great in October!

Trying to get a close-up of:
 Rudbeckia volunteer still blooming this late in the season

Moving on to the East Quarry hill and:
The still unnamed aster that flopped, but oh, the bud count!

and on to the Salvia 'Victoria' --I know I took so many pictures of this annual, but it is my favorite color and so dependable, here planted on a hill in almost pure sand:

Wait, I feel like there's something watching me, I think it's something in the salvia:

Oh, it's just Screech, stalking me.

He is such a ham, whenever the wedding parties come here we have to put him in the garage because he insists on being in on the photography.  Not too many brides want a black cat in their pictures (or flopped down on their white dresses, either!)
Here I am, getting a good picture of:
Clematis 'Comtesse de Bouchard' STILL blooming almost non-stop since I purchased it earlier this summer.  Amazing bloom season, and I'm so glad I finally planted some--even the seed heads are pretty:

 Up until this point, I didn't realize Carl was photographing me, but once I did, I returned the favor, and took a picture of my stalker:
Since he was so keen on following me around, I asked him to go and get the ladder from the garage so I could take some 'aerial' photos of the Formal Garden:
He obliged!

And there Carl is, stalking me again!

Paparazzi, they are everywhere, egads.


Darla said...

You shouldn't be so popular Karen.. Cute post..

Zoey said...

We like seeing pics of you, Karen! I think the flopped asters look great--better than if they had not flopped. Sometimes nature knows best!

FlowerLady said...

Loved this happy post. I'm glad Carl got the idea to stalk you as you were taking pictures of your lovely gardens. Glad you got a couple of him too. What a hoot Screech is. A loving feline is a wonderful creature.

Thanks for this little tour and photos of the both of you and Screech.


Granny Lyn's Garden said...

Loved it ! What a great post! All the flowers look awesome.So much fun seeing you and Carl in the pictures.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

That domed gazebo is great looking. Take it easy on that ladder.


Autumn Belle said...

Carl is cute. You do look like a pro! Your garden is so beautiful and I have never tried standing on a ladder to get a good shot. That's something I must learn from you. Cheers!

Alison said...

What a great post! Laughed out loud at the kitty behind the salvia. My husband occasionally takes pictures of me surreptitiously, it's so annoying. You look great, and you took some great pictures too. My husband likes watching me in the garden, he says my body language is very happy!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

What a fun post! I love seeing photos both from a distance and close up. You did it well, and even did some from on high!

Your cat looks like my daughter's but is more like my friend's, in that it comes up to me for attention when I go to her place. Most cats I know aren't as into people.

Have you shown any photos of your place from when you were a girl? It would be fun to see those.

Shirley said...

Cute post! I like the aerial shots of the formal garden. I guess I lean towards the more formal look in my own garden so I enjoyed the bird's eye view of yours. Thanks for sharing.

Michelle said...

Wow! What an amazing garden! I look forward to reading all about it in your blog!

Anonymous said...

Amazing color.You get followed around a lot. This garden is so lovely, I really like the first image. The rock work is well laid out.

Junebug said...

My, my, my!!! What a photographer you are!!! It's been a while since I've visted with vac. and then the catch up. I loved catching up on all your weddings in the beautiful garden. If I decided to get hitched, I'll be right over for pictures. Please don't hold your breath!!! Ha-ha!! The quarries are just amazing!!!

Beth said...

Your gardens are still looking beautiful, Karen! Screech is adorable! I always enjoy my visits to your gardens.