Sunday, October 3, 2010

Saturday's Wedding

On Saturday morning, Carl and I had gone to help a friend move to a new apartment.  We were in the midst of unloading boxes and toting them up the apartment staircase when I received a call on my cell.  The number didn't look familiar, but I answered anyway.  Good thing I did as it was another bride-to-be checking to see if it was ok if they came for pictures at 3:30!

I had an uneasy feeling all this past week, I thought there was another wedding coming sometime in October, but there was nothing written on any of our calendars.  It turns out, this bride was apprenticing (or is it interning?) at my dentist's office back in April and had assisted in putting yet another crown in my noggin.  While waiting for the Novacaine to take effect, the dentist had left the room to do whatever dentists do when they leave you alone to go numb, so me being nosy, like usual, struck up a conversation with the young lady intern.  During our chat I learned she was to be married this October.  They had almost all of their plans figured out except where to go for photography after the ceremony.  You know what happened next; yup, I volunteered our yard to her if she was interested, gave her my phone number and said if she'd like to stop out sometime and have a look, just let me know.

I never heard from her, so it slipped my mind.  Then one day a few months later, she called me and asked if they could come see the yard sometime that weekend.  I agreed but told her we may not be home depending on when they came, and we weren't...we were out canoeing that day, but Dave was home.  He took them through the gardens and they both thought it would be a nice place for pictures.  But Dave didn't take a phone number and didn't recall them saying when the wedding was, either.  I know, we're so organized around here.

Well, thank goodness she called on her wedding day, and we were able to be home in  time for the photo shoot.  In contrast to the rainy Friday wedding the day before, Saturday was sunny with odd passing showers and much cooler temperatures in the low 50's. 

They arrived in style, my goodness!, much too fancy a vehicle for our humble abode:
There I am, on the right, waiting for the party to disembark (that's a good word for such a luxurious vehicle, right?)
The bride and groom on the bridge, and once again, I'm sure the professional photographer has a much better angle on this picture than I do.
The Serious Shot
The Not So Serious Shot

A few shots from the Formal Garden

 and then........time to go.........

 Off they go......
Into the sunset of their new life together.

What a beautiful bride!

As far as I know, this should be the last wedding party of the year for us.  Thank goodness they all made it here before the frost did.  

Now I guess I can get to work clearing the garden for winter......Karen


Shirley said...

Once again, gorgeous shots! Your garden is perfect for wedding photos!

Karen said...

Thank you Shirley, it's great fun having them here, like I said, they sure do add some class to our yard!

Missy said...

I was wondering Karen, how many couples came to have their photos over the summer? It is a beautiful setting for them.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Karen, what great fun you have had in your garden this year. Every establishment in town will be directly brides to your garden.


Cass @ That Old House said...

Oh my goodness what a lucky bride to have that garden setting for her pictures! I wish them all happiness, and a life as lovely as your garden!

And don't they look YOUNG? Or maybe it's just I who am getting old!

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

Your garden setting is beautiful and I like the garden temple. Thanks for sharing....Julian

Darla said...

I just love these wedding photos in your gardens. It makes all of the colors pop!!

Karen said...

Hi Missy, we had just the three weddings here this year, which is about average for us since we don't advertise or anything, it's all word of mouth.
Eileen, yes, we did have fun in the garden this year, it was a busy place for awhile.
Thank you, Cass, and you're right, they do look young, don't they, lol? It's not just you!
Thank you, Julian!
Darla, yes, I think the colors in the photos of the wedding in the rain especially popped, I hope to see the professional's photos, he was supposed to send me a link.