Thursday, June 24, 2010

After midnight again, and here I am.  We got a lot accomplished today, so I am feeling rather optimistic about tomorrow.  The rain arrived around 5AM and we were very lucky because we only got a little over an inch of rain, not much wind, and no hail.  Thank goodness!
Our first clematis growing on the 'Egress' trellis; I don't have the name handy, but it is lovely and very floriferous. 
We were inspired to grow clematis by our friend who has an absolutely breath-taking garden.

This morning I worked on raking the yard and putting things away while I waited for the garden to dry up enough to work in.  Around noon, I went out to work on edging the backyard beds which look much nicer now.

Joel came home with a load of pallets for firewood and then mowed the lawn and after he was done with that he helped Carl clean up in front of the shop.  Carl and I worked on the beds behind the garage and up against the chicken coop--we finished those areas and then headed for the formal garden.

Ann came with her daughter and we had a mini-photo shoot of her beautiful new dress that they whipped up he night before.  Ann took her daughter home and came back later on alone; we worked on mulching right up until 10PM again. 

We ate supper, and I grabbed Teddy dog and gave him a bath.  I also mixed up a double batch of chocolate chip cookies (just in case the tour group is hungry) and will bake them sometime tomorrow.
Salvia 'Artemis'

I want to get up early tomorrow and see if we can put more of a polish on this yard.  Wish us luck.
Calla lily
Good Night!



LC said...

I'm sure the group who is visiting today will be very generous in their approval of your gardens... they are very nice folks as you well know! I spent yesterday with several who are attending today... thankfully, it shouldn't be as humid... I had a very bad heart spell while driving home... think I got too dehydrated after spending time in the sun outside. Thankfully Jerry B was with me and took over driving (and I was safely able to maneuver to the side of the road in all that traffic!). So here's my "Good Luck" offering!! Larry

Karen said...

Thank you, Larry, and I hope you are feeling better today!