Thursday, June 24, 2010

Garden Walk!

 The garden walk was today!
The bus arrived just before 4PM, and what fun it was!  Everyone of our visitors were courteous and wonderful to talk to, I only wish we had more time to visit with each person.  'All that work' for one hour is true, but it was a grand hour!  They all understood the gardens weren't up to par and I hope that any of them who wish to come back and visit us again will do so when things are prettier!

There they are, posing for a picture for me
All too soon, they were back on the bus and on their way

Like I said in an earlier post,  now that the yard is semi-under control we could have visitors every day.  

I need to back up a bit here and post some pictures from yesterday:

These are pictures from Wednesday night's sunset as the remnants of a large thunderstorm passed over us. At this point, Carl, Ann, Joel and I were still hard at work, weeding, mulching and tidying up.  As ominous as these clouds appear, there was not even one rumble of thunder as they went over. 

This morning we ran in so many different directions it was like high-speed GADS.  Carl took the day off and we were weeding, putting statuary out, mulching, edging and tidying up all at once.  Mom came down and weeded the back hill of the Quarry (but I don't know if she got it done) while I cleaned on the front porch, put the petunias on the fence posts, raked and most of all, sweated!  It was not as hot as yesterday, but when you're giving it all you've got to get something done, sweat happens.  Joel had gone in at five so he could wind the clock at church and be back here by 2PM and Ann came directly after work, too.  Joel and Ann hauled more mulch for the formal garden while Carl edged the beds and then made a last minute dash to put hangers on the stained glass windows.  I took the fastest shower on record and was just getting out when Carl yelled, "The bus is here!!!" 

What a wonderful group, we could not have asked for nicer people!

After the bus rolled away, we each got a tall glass of ice water and sat on the porch for awhile.  There's always a bit of a letdown when the main event you work so hard for is over, so I am really hoping for more visitors this season.  We debated what's next on the agenda and decided we could clean out the garage.  Ann was all for starting to do that  tonight, but us old people were tired.  We do have plans to finish the stone house, too, Ann is all ready to get at it (which will motivate us) and maybe after six years, we'll get somewhere near completion of the project.  Time will tell.

Then Joel got a phone call and headed for Country Fest in Oshkosh.  Carl and I decided to take Ann with us to the hotel in town for a nice supper which was very good (and doubly good because I didn't have to cook it!)  We ran to Green Bay for some sewing supplies for Ann and the grocery store for us and after watching a a bit of tv, we decided it's time for bed.

Until tomorrow,

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