Saturday, June 19, 2010

Small update

Well, it's been a long couple of days of very long hours of work.  I was lucky having Carl home the last few days--from Wednesday on.  We are hurrying as fast as we can and have made a lot of progress, but still, the work is an uphill battle.  Ann was here every day right after work, working tirelessly along with us.  We owe her a great debt.  Thank goodness she had a chance today to take some much-needed time off and do a little camping with her family. 

Every day just seems to blur into the next, I can't remember what went on from one day to another, it's all about the same, really.  Get up early (ok, not early by many people's standards, 6:30AM)  walk the dogs, let the chickens out, feed the cat, and hustle, hustle, hustle to around ten o'clock at night, and we haven't seen sleep until 1AM for over a week.

I managed to get the wash out on the line on Wednesday when the sun 'sort of' decided to shine, and what a wash it was.  Wow, I had to break into my emergency stash of clothespins just to hang everything up.  Carl worked on the ball fountain in front of the house, cleaning the basin out and installing a new pump while I did laundry.

We did manage to get the 'Three Rock Bed' done by the shop.  In the beginning, everyone was in agreement; we will simply remove the hundred or so hostas, saw down the two trees and turn the entire bed into overflow parking lot.  But then I had to come up with this idea of drawing attention away from the shop and adding something to the area, which I know is counterproductive, since we don't need any more maintenance headaches.  The former garden needed those three big rocks and what a place to display them, right where we could appreciate them everyday.  Plus, we did leave room for some parking, and also space for the greenhouse for next spring.
We have the lawn planted here, plus all the trees and hostas in, too.  It ended up being a five rock bed, instead of three, because I felt we needed to add some additional rocks to the area.  And I also planted some Wave petunias in the middle (and yes, I can imagine many people will think I'm silly) but I'm looking forward to the color.

We decided to purchase an urn we'd been looking at for a few years on Wednesday, too.  It's a big one, and we, of course, have a nickname for it, meet Ernie, the urn.

Ernie takes over for the old plant stand and I'm really happy with the splash of color in the driveway.

Unfortunately, we did not get in from outside again tonight before 10PM (and still had to eat supper and I scrubbed the disgusting!! floor) so I started writing this post around midnight on Saturday night and am so tired right now that I'm not making much sense.  So I will have to hang it up before I get into what went on Thursday-Saturday.  Tomorrow is the last day Carl is home to help before the tour on Thursday, so I need to make the most of it.

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