Monday, June 7, 2010

Saturday, Sunday & Monday

White Peony
Blogger was down for a day or so, which made it impossible to post anything.  This was a mini-tragedy for me because I have gotten so used to posting that to have to give it up was kind of difficult.  I don't think I need a 12-Step group or an intervention, but writing this blog IS habit-forming!

We have had rain the last few days, though today was dry.  The days all tend to meld together lately so I'm going to summarize them here; for the most part I planted annuals, weeded, mulched and ached for the last three days.  I have three flats of flowers left (out of 30+) and will keep an eye on what I've already planted and use the extras as replacements in case anything dies.

The pond has some interesting life-cycle chains going on, especially with the wildlife. Joel was able to capture something I have never seen before:
Here is one of our big, green frogs who make a lot of lovely 'frog sounds' in the pond.  This frog had a common insect problem known to virtually everyone:

That's right, the frog is Mosquito Bait!  Who'd think?  I thought frogs were good at catching mosquitoes?!

Makes me itchy just looking at it!

 Something a little less hard on the eyes: Yellow flag iris

On Friday afternoon it rained, so I picked Carl up after work at 12:30 and we went on a greenhouse extravaganza.  We ended up in Suamico at a wonderful greenhouse where I bought some more plants for the pots.  When we got home that evening, we had a bonfire with Ann and her sister and niece until after 2AM.
Saturday morning, Carl and Joel took down most of the greenhouse while I planted the flower pots using the trailer as a bench and then we moved on to weeding again until it rained, then we went to Mayflower greenhouse.  A friend told us about another greenhouse near Larsen, so we drove out there knowing full well it wouldn't be open anyway, but we just decided to goof off.  It was a very pleasant trip, even though it did rain the entire time.  We received almost an inch here at home and the rest of the evening we spent visiting with Ann and eating a rhubarb cheesecake she made for us.  

On Sunday I managed to plant hundreds more annuals while Carl, Mom and Ann worked on weeding and mulching the quarry garden.  Joel had gone kayaking with friends and managed to avoid all the rain showers--we had some here, too, but I planted right on through.  It helped wash the dirt off of me, actually!  When Joel got back from kayaking, Cody & Briana came back with him and helped put the greenhouse away and took some trees for transplanting home. 
A few of the iris blooming




Today was laundry day and then back to weeding in the formal garden where Mom and I got about half way around the outside perennial bed.  Ann came over after work and helped with moving hostas and loading rock by the shop bed until dark.

I am exhausted and once again it's almost 1AM.  Gotta get some sleep!  


The Dutch Baker's Daughter said...

HaHa..I had the same viagra comment on one of my posts.

This blogging business is addicting, eh? I was ready to post on Sunday night and had to postpone, too. I am so jealous of your planting ability...your flowers are so gorgeous!

Karen said...

Maybe viagra would help with the gardening?? Maybe I'll have to look in to it. lol

You know I am jealous of your baking ability! I made a torte today which was ok, but definitely not that great. In fact, I'm not sure it even is a torte, but that's what the recipe is called--goes to show how much I know. :-)