Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Yet another rainy day

My late father always said, "The creeks have to run in June, or we are in for a very dry summer."  Well, I hope Dad was right and that this frequent rain bodes well for the rest of the growing season.  We got home around ten tonight and the rain gauge had already registered one inch of precipitation and the creek is definitely running right now. 
The picture above was taken on Sunday and the creek hadn't risen yet, but it is now.  In the distance is the home I grew up in.
An unknown columbine that stands over 4' tall, it's a giant.

This morning I managed to get almost the entire lawn cut here before the rain began in earnest.  Of course, I ran out of gas with rain on the horizon and had to run to town with the gas cans and get back before it started to pour.  I got the mower running again and finished the lawn in the rain; my hair was soaked and water was running down my neck and it was quite cold.  Like I said before, Wisconsin has very changeable weather, from high humidity and heat one day to Look For Your Winter Coat day the next.

After the rain set in, I went to work in the house baking cookies and an apple torte.  After Carl and Joel got home from their jobs, we decided to take a run out to Larsen again and located the greenhouse we searched for in vain on Saturday.  We purchased some more beautiful annuals......oh, but you have to see them to understand why!.....and had a wonderful visit with the owner.  A stop at a pizza joint in New London, a side trip to Richard's house for a visit, and a trip to the grocery store, we were back home by 10:30.  Ann stopped in for a little while and tried my apple torte.  She was kind, but it wasn't as good as her rhubarb one.

'Knockout' roses
So, tomorrow is Wednesday and Carl is taking the day off.  We will be working twice as hard to make up for the rain delays.  
Joel took some wonderful pictures after the rain the other night, around 2AM:

and last but not least, 'Fat Albert' spruce:

Until tomorrow,


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