Monday, July 19, 2010


They say you get like the people you live with, and after 31 years of marriage, two things Carl & I definitely have in common are our GADS (Gardener's Attention Deficit Syndrome) and our need to Create A Crisis (our acronym for this is CAC)in order to get something done, like the busload of master gardeners that toured back in June.   Ok, a bunch of touring MG's is not a 'crisis', per se, but seeing our yard through the eyes of a Master Gardener is a major incentive to get things done.

Master Gardener.......isn't that title cool? Neither one of us are MG's, so we both get tongue-tied around them.   I swear any botanical knowledge I have acquired of what is growing in the garden flies right out the window when I'm asked a question by an MG, which is another thing Carl and I have in common.  He'll be in the yard with a group of people holding their notebooks with their pens poised, yelling for me to come and identify a plant and I know before I even get there that it's a lost cause.   I will freeze like a deer in the headlights and mutter something inane, 'Ah, that's an ornamental think it gets white plumes.............."  and then, when the people are back on-board the bus and all that's left is the smell of diesel fumes lingering in the air I will blurt out,"'Miscanthus Sinensis Gracillimus'!"  Sigh. (But I'm joking here, because every MG knows a Miscanthus Sinensis Gracillimus when they see one--they wouldn't have to ask me about that plant!)

Just like the two lilies in this post....I'm sure I could find out what the names are but, hey, I'm lazy.    ;-)


 So this leads us back to our need for a CAC event....we have nothing much pending right now;  there are a few wedding parties scheduled for photography, but not this month (I hope I wrote them all down....hmmmm).

Oh, I am already obsessing over what to wear (and how to lose 100 pounds and look ten years younger in less than a month) for the public television interview scheduled here in August, though.  I have bought several, ok, make that many new shirts so far, and I'm continually reminding myself not to laugh like a hyena, something I 'only' do when I'm nervous.  Ok, those of you who know me are shaking your heads--yes, you're right,  I have to work on a more refined, lady-like guffaw.     Nothing like seeing (and hearing) yourself on film to make a person humble.  (Everyone needs to remember, the camera adds at least 60 pounds, it's not all the ice cream.)

I'm not sure what we will be discussing on the interview, I think she said the rocks in the garden and how we placed them.  That's a good thing, because the rocks are always there and never need weeding, watering, staking, deadheading or mulching.  
What we need to work on next is either:

A. Cleaning up Carl's shop (which will take the rest of our lives)
B. Remodeling the house we live in (which really needs it)


C. Finishing the stone house which we started, blush, blush, in 2005--No, it's not a silo, no, it's not a 'ruin' it's just Not Done. 
Screech the Kitty thinks it would be a good idea, too!
This is our next CAC finish the stone house before the end of the year.  Stop laughing, we are really going to try this time. Our friend Ann says she is ready to help.  Gentlemen, start your mortar mixers!

Ok, off to do laundry.  The sun is sort of shining, rather anemic looking, but I'll give it a shot on the washlines anyway.


perennialgardener said...

Wow what a beautiful landscape, love that stone house. Hope you post pics when it's finished. :)

Meg said...

What a hoot you are!!! I was recently asked about being in the Garden Tour next June and I can't believe I said yes!!!!! I'm scared to death and knowing that people actually come all day and ask questions Yikes???????????? Your place is just wonderful, wish I had some big rocks like that.
Master Gardener Hello What?
I just do what comes naturally will people really want to know why? Yikes again! I will become a follower and maybe some of your wisdom will rub off on me. Blessings Meg

Jean said...

Your garden areas are just beautiful! I had a garden tour a couple weeks ago and had 447 people! I have one plant even the Master Gardeners couldn't figure out. Thanks for stopping by. Jean

Karen said...

Thank you all! Good luck with your garden walks, they really are a lot of fun!

Zoey said...

gorgeous landscape! Have fun with the tour.