Saturday, July 10, 2010

Long Day, longer night

This will be a short post since we just got home from celebrating a friend's birthday at 3AM.   Carl, Ann and I went to a tavern in town and had a pretty good time despite being the oldest people in there.   I know I'm getting old because my ears are still reverberating from the very loud music.  I never did understand why bars turn up the music so much, it's not like their speakers are all that great and the sound is distorted (or maybe it's my eardrums?).  Anyway, we had a fun time watching all the silliness.

I did some weeding this morning and general maintenance.  The gardens are just bursting with bloom but I'm kind of sorry to see it all coming on at once.  I hope there will be something left flowering after the big rush is over.
 Many of the lilies are starting to bloom:
I am not sure which lily this one is, but it is a beauty and very long-lasting as a cut flower, too.
5' tall, but needs no staking!

Unknown daylilies--I used to know the names but with time, forgot.  Despite the lack of a title, they are still beautiful.

We spent the entire afternoon working on cleaning the garage from rafters to floor.  Ann was our inspiration, and taskmaster all rolled into one.  When either one or both of us wanted to stop, she kept us moving by pointing out we have a garden tour coming next week and what if it rains?  They will need the garage!  So, we finished up finally by 10PM.  It's not perfect by any means, but many of the problem areas have been dealt with and Carl even took the air compressor to the entire building, from floor to rafters.  It sure seems a lot bigger.  I started a bonfire and we grabbed a bite to eat outside while battling the hungry mosquitoes at the same time.  We ate fast and then headed to town for the birthday party around midnight. 

Joel is still on vacation in Michigan and I guess Dave is going there tomorrow, too.  Both of our sons in Michigan at the same time, kind of a small world.

Well, I guess it's time to get some's a few more blooms--

Until tomorrow---  Karen


LC said...

It sure looks like the LO Triumphator... Larry

Karen said...

Thank you, Larry, finally, a name! Karen