Sunday, July 18, 2010

Think Pink

I know, everybody complains about the weather but nobody does anything about it, to loosely quote Mr. Twain. Around 2AM Friday night as I was heading for bed, I  heard rain hitting the west window.  I had just checked the radar less than an hour before and there was nothing out there, so what the heck is this?  I fired up the computer one more time and sure enough, a little, teensy storm had formed out of nowhere and proceeded to pour buckets of rain on us for over fifteen minutes.  Yippee, just what we needed.  It rained so hard, I thought it was hail at first.  The gravel in the driveway looked like it had been hammered this morning, but the flowers were still standing.  Amazing.

On Friday afternoon, we had a very pleasant visit from three gardening friends who are also stained glass artists.  How wonderful it is to share common interests with good friends!  I had made a dessert of sorts that did not turn out exactly the way I it was supposed to, so I hope they all survived my culinary attempts.  After our visit here, we all went over to Rosehill Gardens to see if Leo had any gorgeous 'Robina' lilies for sale, but he had sold out of them earlier in the day.

I had purchased 'Robina' on Thursday and I'm glad I did...such color and fragrance with the promise of increase for years to come.

This is only three bulbs of 'Robina'...I have seen mature clumps and they are absolutely breathtaking.

 This brings me back to 'David's Lily' the one we do not know the name of---every summer we are so impressed with this plant, and this year is no exception.  I went a bit crazy taking pictures of this flower this afternoon, so hopefully, I won't bore anyone.

The late afternoon sunlight was shining through the petals reminding me of stained glass.  I have so much to learn about color and light when it comes to my glass work-and what better teacher than Mother Nature?
They don't make stained glass quite like this, beautiful. 
Ok, one last shot:

We had quite a busy day today, starting out in town, helping our friend who used to own a sewing machine store move some equipment and then off to the Appleton Garden Walk.  We toured seven beautiful yards again today.  The last garden, with the granite waterfall, was spectacular...wish we had remembered the camera.  On our way home we stopped for a bite to eat.

  I mowed both our lawn and Mom's before dark.  Ann called and invited us to fireworks at her family reunion which were fantastic.  We put many miles on today, but it was worth it.  Joel is way up north for the weekend and Dave was working, so we were pretty much on our own.

It's nearly 1:30AM again and I hear rain hitting the roof AGAIN, so I guess it's time to close.  We saw a sign along the highway today that's fitting:
WANTED:  Ark Builder
Let's hope we don't need one!



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