Friday, July 9, 2010

This morning the sun finally managed to break through the clouds for most of the day.  It was still humid out though, but the meteorologist's all say the weather is supposed to dry out for the next few days.  What a relief that will be!

We went from this, at 7PM Wednesday night:

To this at 7AM Thursday morning:

Our grass seed is probably halfway to Lake Michigan again, but someday we will have a lawn here; we'll just keep planting until it happens.

Many of the flowers are not too happy with the wet conditions; I have several rudbeckias broken off at their base which will probably re-sprout later on.  I took all the potted plants into the garage to keep them a bit drier, but they were in the 2" of rain we had earlier in the evening, so I didn't protect them all that much.  Many of the petunia stems are broken, but I imagine corrective pruning will help make the plant bushier.

The portulaca in the old iron planter is at peak right now.
I spent the day doing laundry, now that the sun decided to shine, but it's still on the line yet as it was too late in the day for drying.

We had company from 4PM until 1AM tonight.  Eric borrowed two of Joel's kayaks and took a float trip on the Pensaukee and Dale stopped in for a visit.  Eric and Vanessa came back after dark and Ann came over after work to play cards.  We played rummy for a few hours, and Vanessa was the winner!  Yours truly came in last, ha ha.

Heard from Shelly Ryan today too, she was setting up a time for a segment of the Wisconsin Gardener to be filmed here in mid-August. I thought they forgot about coming here, but I guess not.  So now we have something going on every month (or week, almost) for the rest of the summer.  I hope I have it all written on the calendar.

Well, I am very tired tonight, so see you again tomorrow!

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