Monday, July 12, 2010


Carl and Joel both bought me some yard and garden spray for the mosquitoes tonight, so tomorrow I will attempt to spray the yard for the winged menaces.  Trying to take pictures this morning was torturous, with five or six mosquitoes sitting on my hand while I was attempting to focus.  I have never resorted to this plan of attack before as I'm not a big fan of poisoning stuff, but something has got to give; the mosquitoes are just plain out of control.
The gardens are probably at peak right now, with the hemerocallis and lilies blooming all at once.  Even the potted plants are starting to stretch.
This unnamed lily was given to Dave by a friend of ours who owns a greenhouse.  The lily was done blooming when it was given to Dave who was ten years old at the time; now he's twenty and the lily is still going strong.  We call it, surprise, surprise--- 'Dave's Lily'.  Joel has some great time lapse footage of the flowers opening, just click on the arrow to play...

False spirea 'Sorbaria sorbifolia'-I love the dark foliage and the white blooms

The north side of the quarry hill is filling in nicely 

I spent the day deadheading hostas and all the other flowers in need.  Ann came tonight and did some more mulching in spots that needed it.  I painted the lawn furniture we bought last week to cover up the rust and we need to find the best place in the yard for the settee, two chairs and a small table. 

Kind of hard to see(and smell!) from this photo, but the lilies are towering over the gardens and their fragrance is a constant delight!
Time for bed again...we have a garden group coming on Wednesday so I need to get up early, spray for bugs, and tidy up a bit again.  With all the rain, comes 'all' the weeds! 

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