Sunday, July 11, 2010

Garden Walk Weekend

This was a weekend spent touring the beauty in other people's gardens.  It's always a treat to see there are fellow gardeners who are just as loopy over gardening as we are; I don't feel so all alone with our 'addiction'.

On Saturday morning, we headed to Little Chute for their garden walk to benefit the Dutch windmill they are planning on building.  We toured so many beautiful gardens, hard to choose which was our favorite, every garden was unique.

As we toured the gardens, the sky was growing dark to the west.  On the way home, it became apparent we were going to get something out of this one.   We got back here around 4PM, so I quickly mowed our lawn and had almost half of Mom's mowed before the storm hit.  Appearances were deceiving, thank goodness, because the front looked very menacing with hail warnings.  Luckily, all we got out of it was about a 1/4" of rain and a little wind. 
The rain put a stop to any gardening for the day, so I went in and started doing some housework until 7PM.  We were invited to Ann's sister's home for a booyah party so after Joel arrived home from his Michigan trip, the three of us left.  Delicious booyah; just excellent!  Even Dave joined us there for awhile after he got home from his Michigan trip, too.  For the first time in my life, I played a game of horseshoes, which was great fun.  We arrived home around midnight.

Balloon flower
This morning, after church, I went and got the flowers back out of the garage again--we stow every pot of flowers in there whenever severe weather is approaching if we're home in time.  It's a lot of work to haul them in and out, but at least we'd have something flowering in the yard if hail or severe wind would wipe the rest of the stuff out.  After doing a little more housekeepering, we got ready to leave for the Green Bay Garden Walk where we met Ann.  

Every one of the gardens today were beautiful, too.   Just as we were headed to the last garden out in Suamico, another thunderstorm popped up.  We have had rain every day for the last week.  It's been great that I don't have to water anything, but my vegetable garden is taking it very hard-the tomatoes are starting to wilt and turn yellow, which is too bad, because they were beautiful earlier.  Oh, well, that's gardening, always something.

Our last tour today was in a light rain at the botanical garden where we saw the new King Shade Garden installation.  Very impressive!  They have constructed a granite barn but made it look like a ruin.  I told Carl we are right in style with our stone foundation...we could call it a ruin too, instead of an Unfinished Project.  (Most people think it's a silo).  Ann assures me we are going to get to work on it this week.  I am actually looking forward to it for without a project to work on, we tend to drift along slower than the current on a lazy river and find ourselves getting stuck in a rut.  Deadlines are good things to have because they force us to get stuff done.

We had a nice supper in Suamico at a pizza place and then came home to walk through our own garden to see what changed today.  It was too late to take pictures and raining again, so I'll take more tomorrow.  We have company tonight, Cody, Briana and Ann are here and are playing cards right now with Joel and Carl while I write this. 
Coreopsis 'Mahogany Midget' from seed

Well, I guess that's about it for the goings on around here.  I will see what tomorrow brings!  Karen

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