Thursday, July 1, 2010

Growing on..........

Once again, I have to comment on the amount of change in the gardens.  One of my weirder quirks is that I enjoy flowers in bud more than in bloom and, also, wrapped presents more than open ones.  As a kid, I would gaze at the presents under the Christmas tree and try to imagine what they contained; so much promise but after the big day arrives, the anticipation is over way too soon.  I feel the same way about the flower buds, all the promise of beauty and not wanting to see the season end.
Unlike Teddy Dog in this picture...he wanted to know what was in this bag our friends brought over on Monday night and proceeded to find out:
Carpe diem---that's his motto!  Nothing like having a dog half in the bag.

The hostas are beginning to bloom now.  There are so many differing feelings about hosta bloom among my gardening friends.  I would say the prevailing one is most folks wouldn't be broken-hearted if the plant never threw up a flower stalk and when it comes time for dead-heading the thousand or so plants I have in the yard, I have to admit to being one of them.  When they are in full bloom, though, the amount of flowers are amazing.  I don't know if too many other perennials could boast such an amazing bloom count from the larger hosta:
To the diminutive ones:
I don't know how many flower stalks are on this tiny hosta that would fit in a flower pot, but I don't think I have another plant in the garden that works this hard!  When it comes time to deadhead the hostas, at least most of them do not rebloom....can you imagine going through that several times a year?

David's birthday was yesterday and yes, I made another 'culinary delight', a white sheet cake from a box.

 The batteries went dead on the camera just after all the candles were lit, so we had to hurry up and find some new ones and take the picture before a major fire erupted and/or the cake was encased in wax.

Ah, 20 years for David and 24 for Joel, has it really been that long?  I have never regretted the time I spent as a stay-at-home mom.  Just like the flowers in bud and the presents under the tree, the time went way too fast-- but I am so very proud of these two young men and love them more than they will ever know.

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