Friday, April 16, 2010

Another chapter closed

Another week is at an end; I don't know where the time goes.  The last of the crocus are almost done blooming; by the looks of this bunch, I'd better do some transplanting as they do tend to get a bit thick.

The hosta meeting went very well on Thursday night.  I am now officially no longer the treasurer!   Pat and Mary called me up to the podium to thank me for my twelve years of service which actually almost made me cry.  Someone jokingly said, "Speech!" but I just waved at them all and went back and sat down.  The club has a wonderful couple now in charge of the treasury who have excellent organizational skills.  I received a lot of hugs from people thanking me for my devotion to the cause, lol, and that was really nice.  I did get to know so many of our members and that part of the job is what I will truly miss.  Will I miss the bookkeeping paperwork?  Not a chance! 

After the meeting, we went over to Culver's for an ice cream sundae.  I don't need the calories, but I felt a celebration was in order. Joel went along last night, too, which surprised Carl and I.  I figured he would want to steer clear of the meeting, but I think he went along just in case I needed moral support (or in case I volunteered to do something else so he could whack some sense into me).  I took on the treasurer's job when Joel was 11 years old and Dave was 7.  Man, that WAS a long time ago!

The two boys grew up in the hosta society.  Both of them helped out where needed, carrying plants for the members to their cars when we had plant sales, helped load and unload the trailers, etc.  Dave helped with Powerpoint presentations over the years and with slide projectors that acted up.  Carl was always at the head table with me too, usually making sure people signed up for door prizes and answering questions.  But Joel was indispensable to me, manning the change box at every annual meeting and plant sale and helping me keep all the paperwork straight.  I couldn't have done it without him and I should have taken the opportunity for a 'speech' and thanked him in front of everybody!  He deserved recognition; why do I always think of this stuff too late? 

Thank you, Carl, David and especially, Joel.                 

Love,  Mom

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