Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rainy (sort of ) day

We woke up to rather glum weather this morning.  We need the rain badly, but though it looked promising, not much of anything happened.  I doubt if we got more than a 1/8 of an inch, but I will check the rain gauge tomorrow morning anyway.  There is supposed to be more of a chance tonight.  It is bone-chillingly damp and windy out. 

Cushion Spurge

Carl worked most of the day on the little Dixon, which needs more repairs than we thought.  He's going to try replacing the spark plug and see if it helps.  I spent the day cleaning here and there, though I found it hard to really go in depth with anything.  This time of year I get restless because of GADS and the mindset of working in the garden nonstop.  It's hard to shift gears to something else when spring fever hits.

Not much to report today, with the rather cold, damp weather, working outside wasn't something we felt like doing.  I guess tomorrow will be about the same.  I could get back to work on some stained glass, and may as well take advantage of the rainy days.  The plants need the rain, so what am I complaining about??

We went grocery shopping tonight and that was about it for the day.  Excitement runs rampant.  Oh, I did hear from Joel who is now in Rochester, MN.  He said Iowa had a lot of rainfall but no severe weather, which is a good thing.  They should be home tomorrow.  And an update: Ann's niece won the Concrete Canoe Race!!  I'll post some pictures soon!

  We'll see what the weather looks like tomorrow,


LC said...

We got over two inches of rain... what kind of primrose is that? I like! Larry

Karen said...

Wasn't the rain wonderful? Things are so much fresher-looking now. The primrose is one I grew from seed from Thompson & Morgan years ago. I should start some more to see what I get....