Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Calendar Says April, right?

Just a short posting about this morning's weather.  Wow, look what we woke up to, around 6" of snow!  I had a hunch we'd get some more snow yet.    If it wasn't for the worry over whether the greenhouse heat system stays running, I'd actually welcome the snow since we need the moisture.  We did get 1.5" of rain on Wednesday which switched over to snow last night.
The willow tree is greening up already--I'm sure it wasn't thrilled either!

The back yard

The new berm

The Quarry

Poor plants in the greenhouse, hope the heating system doesn't fail.

When I left the chickens out this morning, they were stunned....what is this stuff doing back on the ground?!

This hen flew back to the coop

One nice thing about late season snow is it doesn't last long.  The hens will be back to work in the garden tomorrow, and so will I!

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