Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday's progress

 East Quarry Berm before we started the remodeling
 This morning I woke up bright and early, despite having a late night on Thursday.  Carl had today off which was very nice.  Whenever Carl is home, we get more work done, that's for sure.  It was a good thing he was home today, because the sump pump in the basement failed.  We had no flooding, but he had to make some adjustments with a different pump.  And we realized that the plumbing for the drain tile must have issues, so we will have to dig up that entire tile again.  Yippee.

The last I heard from Joel, he was in Ames, IA where tomorrow, the Concrete Canoe Races will be held.  He's also keeping an eye on the weather, since there are tornado watches posted for the western part of Iowa; Joel and his lightning photography, very electrifying. I've been receiving text messages from Joel and Ann with observations of where they are and requests to check for info online.  Cellphones are marvelous things, hard to believe a few short years ago I didn't think I'd ever own one.

I started off the day mowing our lawn and then Mom's lawn, too.  We removed the silt fence from the west side of the house so I could cut the foot tall grass.  Boy, it was thick.  I had to go back over it later in the day after the top of the clippings dried a bit and blew it to the ditch.  Such a mess of Creeping Charlie in there, too.  I hope we can eradicate that weed when we replant, but chances are slim;  it is so persistent.  The lawn looks much nicer with the fence down.  I was done mowing by 1PM.

We went back out after dinner to work on the east quarry hill again.  Carl placed several of the stones alone while I was off mowing and cooking. 

I think we need some larger rocks in the middle.

We worked until 8:45 PM tonight.  There is rain in the forecast for tonight and the rest of the weekend.  We'll have to see if we get rained out tomorrow.  If we do, I can always clean house.....  (I almost hope the rain comes only overnight)  Carl has the lawnmower to fix and some leaky faucets, not to mention the living room rug removal if we should find ourselves rained out.  (I bet he hopes it doesn't rain all day tomorrow, either.)

We have Joel's time-lapse garden camera set up to take pictures of this plant, H. Liberty growing.  So far, the movies the camera records have been fascinating....maybe after some rain it will really grow.

Ok, my head is bobbing, don't want to land on the keyboard.  See you tomorrow!  Karen

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