Thursday, April 1, 2010

Poinsettia Update #2

The Poinsettia lamp is finally finished.  We are having a difficult time lighting it properly for photography which is always a challenge.  In order to get a picture to share now, instead of six months later, when we get around to photographing the lamp 'for good', I decided to place the shade on the kitchen table with a light bulb underneath. 

We photographed the lamp with both a daylight/warm bulb and cool /natural bulbs just to see which color of light brings out the best in the glass.  The problem is, both colors bring out different hues in the shade, so I guess maybe the best solution would be to mix the bulbs? 

 We intend to hang the shade over the dining room table (after Carl gets the hanging apparatus figured out, which is going to take some time).  Since we have such a small house, we will change out the shades in the dining room according to season.  Right now, we have the 28" Flowering Bouquet hanging over the table for the summer and the Poinsettia will take its place in the fall and winter.  I want to make a Daffodil and a Hollyhock at some time in the future, but I digress.

The first two pictures here are with the cool light source:

The next photos are with the daylight bulbs.

It is interesting to see how the glass reacts to different temperatures of light.    In retrospect, the background glass is maybe a tad too dark, though I wanted a dark, moody shade for the winter months. 

I want to once again thank Bonnie for her great generosity in lending us her original design.  Without her fantastic artwork, we wouldn't have the Poinsettia to grace our home for years to come!

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