Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tree Shopping

 'Tete a Tete' Miniature Daffodils
On Friday at noon, I drove into Ashwaubenon and picked Carl up at work.  We do this once in awhile so we can get some shopping done or just to goof off a little bit.  On this particular day, we had many goals.  First, we stopped off at Steins to see what was being offered.  I haven't purchased anything with my gift cards from Christmas yet, but we'll wait to see what their full inventory brings.  While we were there, we met a good friend of ours who asked Carl if he could fix her car trailer.  Somehow the trailer's pole had been bent and it wasn't towing correctly.  We picked her trailer up on our way home that night.

We went to Green Bay Nursery to look at their stock and also to D&D Landscaping who had a wonderful assortment of trees.  At D&D, we found a 9' tall Acer triflorum, commonly called Three Flower Maple, for just over $70.  Well, I fell for that tree right off the bat and also found an 'Autumn Brilliance' serviceberry and three clearance Ironwood, 'Ostrya virginiana', for only $20 a piece.  We bought all five trees and arranged to pick them up on Saturday.

We also went to Lumber Liquidators and ordered 'rustic red oak' for our living room floor.  This will be the first step in doing some remodeling in the house itself.  The oak could be on the next truck as early as this week Thursday, but if not this coming week, then the week after.  I can only imagine how much work it will be installing the floor.  But I'm not going to obsess about it yet....I've got too much other stuff on my plate.

We met Joel and two of his friends at, of all places, The Tilted Kilt, LOL, for supper.  The food was good and the scenery, well, the scenery depended on your age and your gender.  One nice thing about being a 52 yr old female patron is that I may as well be wearing Harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak for how little I'm noticed.  The waitresses all know the tips come from the men and that's who they cater to.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not being sarcastic; I actually had a lot of fun watching the men watch the waitresses.  I know what women of my mother's generation would think of the employee's 'uniforms' (shocking! scandalous! outrageous!) but as far as I was concerned, eh.  You've seen it once, you've seen it a million times.   At least the management cares about their employee's leg warmth, because their knee socks are the biggest part of their ensemble. 

We left the restaurant, picked up our friend's trailer and that was the end of Friday evening.  When we got home I started thinking about where the Three Flower Maple could be planted, since it is borderline Z5 and needs a fairly sheltered spot.  Carl said maybe it was time for the ash by the formal garden to go, and we decided to sleep on it and take a look in the morning.

 In the above picture taken in 2006, the ash is near the middle of the shot.

More later!

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