Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday continued


After posting this morning, I tried walking around and felt a little better, so I decided to get on with my day.  Both Teddy and Pudding dogs needed their baths and hair cuts, so I spent the rest of the morning beautifying the canines.  
After I finished with the dogs, it was time to attend to the laundry.  I didn't get a thing out on the washline until nearly 3PM, so nothing dried before dark.  I left it on the line overnight as bait for any rain showers that may be wandering over (it's getting dry again) and hopefully not to startle the skunk and cause another offensive olfactory outbreak.  Can you imagine what would happen to my laundry then?   Time for a bonfire!

When Carl and Joel got home from their respective jobs, they both went to work on the west side of the house.  We are closing up the old hosta bed right by the Elephant Burial Mound and turning it into lawn.  The hostas and other perennials in this bed were moved last fall, but there are hundreds of daffodil bulbs in the area that need moving.  It's not the greatest time to move them right now, though they are finished blooming.  Ideally, the flowers should be gone and the foliage ripened before transplanting, but we haven't got the time to wait.  Carl helped me dig the daffodils out, but since I cannot kneel very well due to my sore leg, he did most of the digging.  He finally decided it would be faster to use the tractor and bucket method, digging underneath a large swath of flowers and then dumping them in a pile at my feet.  It actually worked very well.

We ran out of gas for the tractors, so at 5PM  Joel and I went to town.  Joel dropped me off at the grocery store while he bought gas so I could pick up milk and bread for the week.  We ate an early supper and Dale joined us.  As soon as the dishes were done, we were back to work around 7PM.  

While we were working on the daffodils, Joel was working the lawn up with a disk behind the 574 and later on,  a spring tooth implement hooked to his l84.  We can't work up the entire lawn yet because we have problems with Creeping Jenny near the road and we don't want to spread the weed to the newly seeded lawn.  So, until the weather warms up and I can spray the weed with a herbicide, we have to settle for a partially tilled lawn.  It looked very nice when Joel finished up this evening.  I didn't get out with the camera soon enough to get clear pictures as it was nearing dark again.

It was after 8:30PM before we put the tractors away for the night.  Joel remembered he had seen a red tractor for sale on the side of the road on his way to kayaking on Sunday near the Clintonville/Marion area, so he and I decided to take a chance and see if we could find the tractor.  Even though it was dark when we left home, we figured we could find a tractor.  They usually aren't very elusive. Usually.  Tonight our quest was in vain.  Joel wasn't exactly sure where he was when he spotted the tractor on Sunday and it was very dark out tonight.  The only tractor we saw sitting out by the road was green (John Deere) sigh.  We are red fanatics all the way, Farmall, Mc Cormick Deering, International Harvester--- no other colors fit in our machine shed.  

We had no problem finding plenty of non-green deer in the road itself, however!   I think Joel's count was 14 white tail deer, plus one large raccoon, three cats and one gopher.   I lost count after ten assorted creatures.  Thank goodness Joel's reaction time is lightning fast, because we could have had a deer hood ornament several times. 

We'll have to see what tomorrow brings; hopefully I will have mended a bit more and can get some actual work done.  Until then, 

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LC said...

You've been busy... gardening and posting. I hope you recover quickly from your accident... it gave me the chills reading about it. When you get to my age, you'll realize that every step needs to be calculated as one misstep could lead to the end of all the great activities we love so much! Larry