Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Screech Kitty says Hi!
Today was much warmer, in the 70's and very pleasant.  I decided to dedicate the afternoon to working in the greenhouse.  I should have worked in the greenhouse this morning, before the sun had a chance to shine in full-strength, because the temperature in there soared to 101 degrees.  I filled as many flats with dirt as I could before deciding to wait for Carl to come home to help me put the shade cloth on the greenhouse.  The shade cloth will keep temps in the greenhouse down a bit and the plants still do very well.  Carl also brought me some more soil less potting mix too, as I was nearly out.  So far we have 26 flats planted and growing; tomorrow I hope to plant ten more and I think that will be it for this season.  I also want to start some geraniums from cuttings, too.  

I put spaghetti and meatballs in the crockpot this morning so we could have a meal ready whenever the time was right.  I love my crockpot; without it, I'd be in the kitchen cooking and washing dishes alot more.  The spaghetti was pretty good and Dale joined us for supper tonight. 
After dishes were done, I headed outside with the camera.  It was a bit too late to get great pictures, but I did shoot some photos with and without flash which were rather interesting.  Below is a picture of tonight's progress:

I wandered around the yard tonight and took some random pictures of rocks, trees and sunsets.  
This is our Nanking Cherry coming into bloom on the lane.  Below is a sunset picture of the belvedere in the formal garden.

Then I decided to try pictures with and without flash. 

Pictures taken with and without flash; these pictures were taken on the new west berm. 
Pinus Parviflora, Japanese White Pine and rocks

The end of another beautiful spring day.  See you tomorrow.  Karen

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