Monday, May 17, 2010

Aching joints and sore knees

Another weekend is over and we aren't much closer to our goal of having the gardens tour-ready.  At least the weather cooperated with beautiful conditions for gardening.

Travis was back on Saturday afternoon to finish installing the hardwood in the living room which didn't take very long at all.
 Sorting through the new hardwood flooring
This was the last area needing to be finished.  It's much better not having the 'hole' to walk through. 

Ann stopped in several days this weekend and thanks to her hard work and dedication, the curtains are all sewn and ready to hang!  With all the work around here, the curtains would have been on my to-do pile until winter.  Thanks to Ann, all we have left to do now is hang them up!

We bought new curtain rods, but still have to figure out how to make them fit with the vertical blinds.  That will be a chore for our next rainy day. I am looking forward to seeing them done.

We were out and at the work early Saturday morning and we worked right up until dark when company arrived.   Richard and Emily, Ann, and later on Dale, stopped in  for a cookout/bonfire.  It felt so good to take a load off and sit down and eat and warm up by the fire and listen to the frogs.  We had another late night, however,  way after 2AM.  

Joel's been melting aluminum cans in the fire pit and pouring the resultant molten aluminum out to see what it turns out like.  The fire:

The steel melting 'pot' in the hot coals:

Melted pop cans, now we need a mold to pour into.

Sunday morning, Travis was here to do some finishing work on the floor and Ann stopped in do finishing work on the curtains while we worked outside.  (Friends are a wonderful gift!)

We started back on the hosta bed again.  Carl started removing tufa stone while I moved hostas.
Carl moved the tufa wall in the foreground to the area in the background while I moved plants .  We're not sure if the new wall 'works' or not.
 Just getting a good start


We transplanted the hostas in front of the wall to cut down on having to edge the bed eventually.  Hope my scheme works.

We knocked off work about an hour earlier tonight, getting in just before 8PM.  

We moved some of the hostas out to the Elephant Berm, hopefully my grasses will grow quickly and provide some shade.
Well, I'm having trouble staying awake, so I guess it's time to head for bed.  

More tomorrow! 


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