Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just another rainy Thursday

 You can almost see a reflection of the yard in the rain drop

Well, another rainy day is past. Even though we need drier weather to work in the yard, we need the rain even more.  I see we received nearly 1/2 inch of rain again, which is a blessing.  As I write this, it is nearly midnight and when I took the doggies outside awhile ago, I could see stars!  It's still cold and clammy but I have high hopes for the weekend.  Carl and I are going to have to really dig in to get the gardens in shape for the first bus trip arriving in less than three weeks. (Gulp.)
 Water pooled in corrugated hosta leaf

Since it rained all day today, I spent the morning working on the curtains.  Since Ann has made the bulk of the curtains already, I had to call her with questions on how to finish the few that were left to complete.  Then I texted her again to find out how many curtains there was supposed to be when I got done...(see I wasn't paying the strictest attention when Carl and Ann were debating this job, I just sewed as I was told, ha)  Thank goodness Ann knows what I'm doing with this job, since I am apparently easily confused.  Now all that is left is to figure out the final steps for hanging on what type of rods and how to mount the hardware and there could be curtains on the windows this weekend.  Thank you, Ann!

I fixed a casserole for supper that Joel could throw in the oven for us and when Carl came home from work at 4PM, we headed to a nursery near Bonduel to pick up a shrub I had ordered.   Though it was cloudy, foggy, and misting, we simply had to stroll around looking at the beautiful new trees they have in.  Of course, we ended up in the clearance section (we always do) and found some remarkably good deals.  We bought a nice selection of trees: three Acer griseum (paperbark maple), two 'painted' Japanese maples, a dwarf white pine and Limber pine, p. flexilis 'Cesarini Blue'.  The limber pine was over 5' tall for $35 and the rest were $15 a piece.

One of the last tulips

Cramming all of the trees into the Oldsmobile was another feat, especially when the bottom of the limber pine's container ripped out while we were hoisting it into the car.  I had to find the owner of the nursery again who provided us with some plastic to wrap the tree up in. So, with the limber pine riding shotgun in the front seat with Carl, we set off on our journey homeward.  I was in the back seat with the cedar, white pines and deciduous trees.   I saw more than one person do a double take at a traffic light, we were quite the sight.  We stopped off at Wal-Mart in Shawano and were back home by 8:30 PM. 

While we were gone, Joel took some pictures of the yard tonight.  The rain made for some wonderful pictures.

North Quarry hill

Ornamental grass 'Shenandoah'.
White Pine

Golden Raindrops Crabapple with rain drops!



From the quarry hill

Euphorbia 'First Blush'


Last, but not least, this little fellow (or little girl!) that Joel found sitting on a tree branch

And with that, this night owl bids you a good night!

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