Thursday, May 27, 2010

This has been a week of appointments and interruptions that hopefully is now at an end.  At 9AM this morning, one more time, I picked Mom up for the ride to Green Bay and my yearly mammoslam.  New clinic, new machinery, same old procedure.  Now all that is left is to wait for the results.  I have no more appointments waiting in the wings so far, thank goodness.  Let's hope it stays that way.

We stopped at a greenhouse on the way home and I bought some purslane plants for the old planter and Mom bought a geranium and a few tomato plants.  . 


The rest of the day was devoted to weeding.  Mom came down to help me finish the front beds, Ann came over and helped me finish the Elephant berm.  Joel worked on leveling off the field so we can plant the lawn this weekend.  He also had to haul a bunch of big rocks out back to the other two rock piles.  Carl did the edging along the front bed by the road.  We all called it quits at 9:00PM and I put some burgers on the grill.  I know, way too late to eat, but we did get a lot of things done and you hate to stop when it's light out.

The pine trees are blooming too!
With any luck at all, we should get the weeding wrapped up this weekend.  Ok, with a LOT of luck.  Plus, I have to plant the annuals soon, too.  

Well, it's late again, time for some shut-eye.


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