Sunday, May 9, 2010

Saturday and Curtain Construction

The greenhouse stood up to the snow load last night, thank goodness.  This morning dawned cold and gloomy, but one good thing was the snow had melted.  The hostas and other plants didn't look too bad for the experience, but now, tonight, may be yet another story as there is a good chance we will dip below freezing.  The plants have had quite a spring so far with near record high temperatures in March and April leading up to this cold May.  At least we received a little over an inch of rain with this last storm which was needed. 
Hosta 'Parhelion'

I was bound and determined to get those curtains sewed and hung today, but one thing led to another and they are neither sewn nor hung.  The first derailment of my plans happened this morning when I left the dogs out; I went to the chicken coop to tend to the girls while the dogs do their morning business.  Teddy came when called and was ready to be let in almost immediately, but Pudding was missing for a bit.
 Unnamed lily
I went in the house and awhile later there she was, barking at the back door, ready to come in. But, oh dear,  she was literally covered in some sort of unidentifiable 'goo' for lack of a better word and smelled to the high heavens, and boy, was she proud of herself!  I wish I could share a dog's enthusiasm for their eau de cologne, but alas, I cannot.  Pudding had to have a bath, which led to a haircut which took an hour, and as long as one dog is involved, might as well do two--same routine for Teddy, too.  Two hours gone and time to make dinner.

  Carl still had much work to do on the curtain rods, trying to shorten the length of the vertical blind tracks.  I had to paint the new mounting board too.  While he was working on that task, I did some much-needed cleaning in the kitchen. 

I talked to Ann when she got out of work and asked her if she knew anything about building curtains.  If there is one person in my life who is always willing to lend me a hand, it's Ann.  She came over and we all looked at the pattern, decided what changes to make and how to do them and began the tedious job of cutting the curtains out.  Carl and Ann both have much more analytical minds than I do.  I prefer to be told what to do, i.e. press this and sew this to that, etc.  I do know how to sew, thank goodness, just don't have the ability to think outside the instructions sometimes, if that makes any sense. 

We worked until 1AM tonight and after putting the first jabot together (for those of you who don't speak French --- (I think it's French, lol!) Jabot is pronounced 'ja bow')  In case you were wondering what a jabot is, it's a curtain part that hangs down the side of a window.)  For some reason, my jabot is looking more like a ja-flop, but maybe after pressing it more tomorrow, it will look better?  Just think, one done, a whole mess more to go.............................;')

Thank you, Ann and Carl for helping me with my Curtain Crusades!  Time for bed, have to cook a dinner for my mom for Mother's Day tomorrow, and I'd better be awake for that, right?


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