Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Sargent crabapple

Another weekend is at a close, and Mother's Day, too.  I had a very pleasant day today, spending it with family and friends.  Mom and Ann joined Carl, Joel and I for dinner.  Dave and Kayla had dinner plans with Kayla's family.  Ann was here early and said she'd had an idea overnight of how to simplify the curtain dilemma, so she went straight down to my sewing room in the basement to put her theory to the test.  I stayed upstairs putting the finishing touches on the meal and cleaning and, 'great' friend and hostess that I am, I didn't talk to her again until it was time to eat.  (Carl suggested taking a plate down to her so she could keep working.  Funny guy.........)    :)

Around 1PM, we ate dinner and afterward, get this--- I told Ann she didn't have to help with the dishes (how magnanimous of me, right?) but that instead, she could go back to sewing the curtains!!  (What was I thinking??)   This is how I treat a wonderful friend?  "Don't hang around and visit with us, Ann, get back to work on my curtains."  Wow.  I amaze myself. 

After dinner, Carl was still battling with the vertical blinds and the hardware but he finally had them rehung late this afternoon.  The room looks much nicer with something on the windows.  Ann left around three to go out to eat with her family and Joel wanted to take Mom and I for a little ride at 5PM.  Joel spotted another Farmall M on the side of the road and needs to call for a price.  He already has one just like it, but maybe it's a good deal, only one way to find out.
She sure is pretty!
After our ride, we dropped Mom off at home and then Carl and I went over to his parent's house for a visit.  My father-in-law and I strolled around his five acres talking over all the changes he wants to make to his landscaping this summer.  Don is 80 now and has just as much enthusiasm for his vegetable gardens as I do for my flower beds.  He is amazing.  While we were outside, Carl and his mother stayed in the house trying to fine-tune the reception on their new TV.  Sometimes I think HDTV is more of a headache than it's worth, because they are so confused by it and only half the channels function.  Hopefully it's an easy fix.

We were back home by 8:30PM and ate a light supper.  Ann and her daughter stopped in for a visit around 9PM tonight  and this time I did not banish Ann to the basement, well, ok, we BOTH went back to work on the curtains, LOL!  We managed to break a few more needles on the extremely heavy seams and are about 1/3 of the way done,  I think they look great!  Ann stayed til 11PM.  I could never have gotten so far on this project without her help.  Thank you, Ann.  (At least this time I didn't ORDER her to go sew!)

Joel took some pictures tonight at sunset in the yard. He was sorry he hadn't found me a rock for my Mother's Day collection (ever since he was a little boy, he has brought me a special rock to add to the gardens).  I told him there was no time limit, and that he had, indeed, brought me a beautiful rock last fall that could count as this year's gift.  There it is below, beautiful specular hematite!  When the sun hits this rock, it is gorgeous! 

Both of the guys also did some cleaning in their hallway upstairs that meant a lot to me. I appreciate all the help!

 Until tomorrow, Karen

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Ann said...

I didn't feel banished at all! I can hardly wait to see the curtains finished! Your family is great for letting me hang out and have fun. I did miss the usual holiday card game with Grandma though so we will have to do that another day when curtains aren't calling.